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Sony’s 13.3″ Digital Paper Writing Slate Gets a $400 Price Cut – Now Costs Only $1,350

When sony-digitalpaper-dpt-s1the Sony Digital Paper DPT-S1 was first launched in the US back in March, I knew few would be able to afford its $1,100 price tag. And when a 3rd-party importer first started selling the device on Amazon in late April (Thanks, M Singh!) for $1,750, it was even further out of reach.

But today I have some great news to share. That Amazon marketplace seller has put the Digital Paper on sale on Amazon. They’ve knocked $401 off of the price tag, lowering the price to a mere $1,349. What a bargain!

The seller Sony has knocked 23% off of the price of the price of the Digital Paper DPT-S1, so if you are in the market to get one you should act fast.

The Sony Digital Paper DPT-S1 is a one of a kind device both in terms of price and screen tech. This is the first device in the world to use the new Mobius E-ink screen, and it is the only one to use a 13.3″ E-ink screen. This is both larger and more rugged than your average E-ink screen, making it more durable than any other model currently on the market.

It comes with a dual-mode touchscreen (both optical touch and electromagnetic stylus), Wifi, 2.8GB Flash storage, and is limited to only letting users read and edit with PDFs. And with a screen of 1,200 × 1,600, the screen is going to appear dull both compared to the latest E-ink screens as well as cutting edge LCD screens.

The DPT-S1 is the perfect example of much that is wrong with Sony. After years of expensive research, Sony has a cutting edge tech which was then incorporated in a device no one is going to want to buy. The DPT-S1  is the Sony Librie all over again.



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NAm May 13, 2014 um 3:03 pm

What kind of promotion is that? Just look at the carpet dealers an learn, Sony!

lesehest May 13, 2014 um 5:45 pm

Sony’s not the seller: "Ships from and sold by Alt online shop". Just a two-bit reseller trying to skim some cash by buying them in Japan and reselling in the USA.

Probably didn’t sell as easily as they thought (more due to the Japanese language interface than the price, I would think), so margins are cut.

Nate Hoffelder May 13, 2014 um 11:15 pm

Fixed it, thanks.

James Anderson May 13, 2014 um 9:03 pm

"I knew few would be able to afford its $1,100 price tag. . . "

I think you have a typo here.

Nate Hoffelder May 13, 2014 um 11:12 pm

An error, maybe, but I don’t see the typo.

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