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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kids Book Leaks on Imgur, Gets Pulled

Disney’s schedule of trailer releases and planned leaks for  the upcoming Star Wars movie was rudely interrupted today when a tie-in children’s book leaked on Imgur.

According to, the book reveals a number of details, including:

  • Maz Kantata is apparently Han’s old mentor. Post-Return of the Jedi or as far back as the anthology film? He hopes she can help them with their mission to return BB-8 to the Resistance.
  • Finn wants to rescue Rey before the Resistance destroys the base.
  • A spy on Takodana tells the First Order the heroes are there. Phasma readies a surprise attack on the castle.
  • During the battle of Takodana, Leia’s X-wing Squadrons save the day.
  • Rey and BB-8 are captured on Takodana.
  • D’Qar is the planet the Resistance is stationed on. Han, Finn, and Chewie crash the Falcon into the Starkiller base.

If you’ve only been following the trailers (like me) then many of these details won’t make any sense. Fortunately, MSW says they’ve already discussed some of these details in a couple earlier posts.

Alas, I can’t confirm any details due to the images being taken down from Imgur, apparently under threat from Disney. The related discussion thread on Reddit was also removed, although at least in this case the removal was documented.

star wars TFA deleted Reddit

I followed up with the original source, and was told:

That’s too bad. I was looking forward to reading the book and sharing the images with you all, but now it looks like we’re just going to have to wait.

I’m still following up on this story with Sloan, but if anyone else gets a copy of this SW book, or any other book, don’t hesitate to contact me. Any personal info will be kept strictly confidential.

P.S. And for the latest info on the new Star Wars movie, check out Reddit.

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