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Storywriter is a Free Screenwriting Tool (from Amazon)

amazon storywriterIn the past Amazon has released tools which writers could use to make and sell textbooks, comics, and kid’s books in the Kindle Store. Now Amazon is making it easier for you to pitch them a movie script.

Released by Amazon Studios, Storywriter is a free tool which Amazon says "takes the pain out of formatting, with features including auto-format as you type and import/export of PDF, FDX and Fountain formats".

"Amazon is thrilled to support the evolution of our creative community by offering advanced tools like Amazon Storywriter to assist both established and aspiring writers in telling their stories,” said Roy Price, Vice President, Amazon Studios. “Amazon is dedicated to producing high-quality, original films and television series that customers love, and enabling more writers to obtain access to creative resources will ultimately help us discover great new talent."

Storywriter is available online as well as a Chrome app which works offline. The app still requires an Amazon account, for some reason, but on the plus side it will let you export the script in PDF, FDX, or Fountain formats.

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Doug November 19, 2015 um 12:42 pm

I don’t know about Amazon Studios as a market, but elsewhere, just about nobody deals with unsolicited screenplays except from established writers any more. If you want to write a screenplay for your personal enjoyment, or if your buddies are going to use it to make an amateur movie, have at it. But trying to sell it is almost guaranteed to be a waste of your time.

Jason van Gumster November 19, 2015 um 3:27 pm

For an open source tool in the same spirit, it may be worth it to have a gander at 'afterwriting ( I tend to write my scripts in straight Fountain syntax and use 'afterwriting to convert to PDF or whatever else I need, but you can edit directly in 'afterwriting if you want to.

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