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Text-to-Speech Voice Found on the Kindle Oasis

Kindle_Oasis_Hero04_US_Store_CMYKWhen the first Kindle Oasis leaks and the FCC paperwork which showed that the $290 Oasis had Bluetooth, many hoped that was a sign that it would support audio through a BT speaker.

Now Amazon has just raised that from a hope to a strong probability. reports this morning that they found a folder on their Kindle Oasis which was named "Voice". Inside that folder they found a text-to-speech voice called "Salli".

For those who don’t have a Fire tablet at hand, Salli is the default TTS voice for Amazon’s tablets in the US market. It’s the one that Amazon updated about a month back, and its presence on the Oasis is a strong indicator that it will support audio in the near future.

Coincidentally, the Oasis already has its first firmware update (see Amazon’s website for more details).

And in related news, the Kindle Oasis owner’s thread over on MobileRead has confirmed that Ember is a font option. It replaced the Open Dyslexic font. Also, contrary to earlier reports there is no USB port on the case.

If the TTS option does come to pass then the Oasis will be the first new Kindle with text-to-speech since the Kindle Touch,which was released in 2011. Some have been agitating ever since then for Amazon to add TTS to the Kindle, and now they could be getting their wish.

Speaking of which, how do you suppose Amazon will support audio on the Oasis?

Unlike the first four generations of Kindles it has no speaker or headphone jack, so Amazon is either going to have to enable Bluetooth, or release a case with an integrated speaker.

The latter option is less likely given the cost of the case, but it is not impossible.

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Shari April 27, 2016 um 10:15 am

Actually, according to a poster on MR, when the Oasis was updated to the 3.7.4 firmware, the Futura font reappeared.

Nate Hoffelder April 27, 2016 um 10:29 am

Thanks. I hadn’t caught that.

Nix April 27, 2016 um 11:44 am

OpenDyslexic is back in this firmware release as well.

Nate Hoffelder April 27, 2016 um 11:53 am


Kindle text-to-speech could make a comeback with Kindle Oasis April 27, 2016 um 11:02 am

[…] via The Digital Reader  […]

MKS April 27, 2016 um 11:08 am

So, no USB port means I can resume my paranoia about no sideloading?

Nate Hoffelder April 27, 2016 um 11:22 am

I don’t see how; the Oasis has a USB port. It’s the cover which lacks one.

Nix April 27, 2016 um 11:44 am

There is definitely still sideloading: I sideloaded a bunch of stuff today. 🙂

Will the Kindle Oasis get text-to-speech after all? – TeleRead News: E-books, publishing, tech and beyond April 27, 2016 um 2:21 pm

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Syn April 27, 2016 um 3:11 pm

If it gets TTS I’ll order one. I’m just waiting to see if Amazon implements it.

Frank April 27, 2016 um 3:45 pm

It may have the voice files, but it is not turned on yet.
If TTS is turned on the future, this page will likely be updated in the "Text-to-Speech" section:

Julie April 27, 2016 um 4:03 pm

That’s very interesting. Am assuming you’d need a bluetooth device if there’s no obvious speaker?

Nate Hoffelder April 27, 2016 um 4:23 pm

Yes. One was used in the FCC testing.

Lyn April 27, 2016 um 7:47 pm

Love the txt to speech if it does. But I understood that along with a Amazon Echo it would read the books in the oasis ?
When at home on the same wifi network.
Preordered can not wait to try it!

Tom Semple April 27, 2016 um 10:08 pm

Echo/Tap/Dot will read out any books in your Kindle Library (if in English, and TTS is enabled for that title). No Oasis required, but of course you can follow along in the text as it does this.

Tom Semple April 27, 2016 um 10:24 pm

What’s not clear about this is why they would choose to pre-load the voice data. Could all be handled at feature update time, and depending on region, a given user might want something other than Salli. In the mean time, it’s taking up space users might want for something else. How big is it? (guessing 150-250MB or so since there’s about that much less free space on Oasis as compared with Voyage).

Nate Hoffelder April 27, 2016 um 10:58 pm

Free publicity?

They like torturing bloggers?

An oversight?

Nix April 29, 2016 um 4:43 am

Yeah, it’s about 150MiB. I guess they didn’t want to bloat every firmware download by that much, and this way if you don’t use TtS, even when it’s supported, it seems likely that you can move it off the Kindle and reclaim the space.

Stephen September 16, 2021 um 1:22 pm

Does the new kindle oasis have TTS capability?

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