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"The Nation" Magazine Launches New Imprint – eBookNation

logo-main[1]The venerable weekly political magazine The Nation has just released the first ebook in their new publishing imprint.

State of the Union, Nation Essays features the selected essays of the late Gore Vidal. This essayist wrote regularly for The Nation over a span of nearly 5 decades, and in the words of The Nation this collection "exemplifies his critical vision, from provocative pieces like Some Jews and the Gays to the famous Requiem for the American Empire.”

The ebook is available now for Kindle, iBooks, and in other ebookstores. It costs $10, and is likely a sign that The Nation is planning to adopt a distinctly different pricing policy from other media organizations that have ventured into ebooks.

According to the press release, the eBookNation imprint is going to include both newly published titles by current writers as well as collections of essays and articles from The Nation's Digital Archive, a vast catalog of nearly 150 year’s worth of the leading commentaries on progressive politics and culture.

The next title to be published will draw from the essays of the columnist and political commentator Molly Ivins.

eBookNation is also going to be used to promote previously published ebooks by The Nation’s current writers.The website currently mentions a dozen titles, including the recently released The Art of Controversy by Victor Navasky, NixonLand, and The Mind-Body Problem: Poems by Katha Pollitt.


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