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The Zune was declared dead yesterday

It’s not really dead, though. Microsoft will continue to make and sell existing models (which came out in 2009) until no one wants them any more.

And do you know the scary part? The hardware is dying, but the Zune Marketplace will live on and be used to support Windows Phone 7. You may not believe it, but this app is actually worse than iTunes. It boggles the mind, I know.

I installed the ZM when I was trying to find out more about Zune Reader, the official reading app for Zune HD. Be very glad you’ve never had to use it; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

There’s hardly any useful information in the app descriptions, which is fun considering that some of the apps were for sale. The search function can’t find an app by name. I knew the app was called Zune Reader, and the only reason I eventually found it was that I went through all the categories one by one. (With iTunes you can at least use Google to find an app.)

And the organizational schema for the Zune apps was divided into Games and Other, and neither category was overwhelmed with apps. I knew they had trouble getting people to develop apps for the Zune HD, but that really brought he point home.

I will not mourn the Zune, but I will toast the poor fools who worked on it.

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