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There’s Something Missing From Smashwords' Best Seller List

smashwords_logoJust in case there was any doubt, today marks the day that self-published ebooks officially arrived.

Smashwords, the world’s largest indie ebook distributor, has just released the inaugural edition of the Smashwords Self-Published Best Seller List. It covers ebooks distributed by Smashwords during the month of May 2013 and sold in Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and other ebookstores.

This first list is heavily dominated by romance titles, with historical fiction and erotica making up much of the rest of list. The most common price is $4, with $3 coming in a distant second.  And just to show that cheap isn’t the only way to go, there are also 2 titles priced at $10.

BTW, there’s something missing from the list. Take a few minutes looking at the list and see if you can tell me what it is (scroll down for the answer).

1 The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection J. S. Scott Romance $0.99
2 Twisted Perfection Abbi Glines Romance $3.99
3 Free Falling Kirsty Moseley Romance $3.99
4 Never Too Far Abbi Glines Romance $3.99
5 Heart Of The Billionaire (The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Sam) J. S. Scott Romance $2.99
6 Fallen Too Far Abbi Glines Romance $2.99
7 Real Katy Evans Romance $3.99
8 The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window Kirsty Moseley Romance $2.99
9 Skin Deep J.M. Stone Erotica $2.99
10 Unbroken Melody Grace Romance $3.99
11 Mud and Gold (Promises to Keep: Book 2) Shayne Parkinson Historical Fiction $2.99
12 Chasing Imperfection (Chasing Series #2) Pamela Ann Romance $3.99
13 Settling the Account (Promises to Keep: Book 3) Shayne Parkinson Historical Fiction $2.99
14 A Second Chance Shayne Parkinson Historical Fiction $2.99
15 Outspoken Angel (SEALS, Inc., Book 2) Mia Dymond Romance $2.99
16 Music of the Heart Katie Ashley Romance $3.99
17 Fate and Fury Quinn Loftis YA $3.99
18 Unbeautifully Madeline Sheehan Romance $2.99
19 Tony Story (G Street Chronicles Presents) Meek Mill African-American Fiction $9.99
20 The Proposal Katie Ashley Romance $3.99
21 The Proposition Katie Ashley Erotica $3.99
22 HOPELESS Colleen Hoover Romance $3.99
23 Freaky By Nature (SEALS, Inc., Book 3) Mia Dymond Romance $2.99
24 Start Jon Acuff Self-Improvement $9.99
25 Fairest (Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 2) Chanda Hahn


This list doesn’t include any free titles, only paid. Given that free ebooks are downloaded at a rate 91 times higher than paid ebooks (according to the latest data from Smashwords), this best seller list is really based on just 1% of the ebooks acquired via Smashwords.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to see a separate list for the free ebooks. Amazon has 2 lists, and I think Smashwords should do the same.

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Comeonson July 2, 2013 um 2:22 am

Come on, Nate! I know you’re quite the clueless, self-absorbed prat, but even you can’t be this stupid. How does "free" figure into a "best _sellers_" list? And learn how to write, it’s fucking embarrassing.

Richard Adin July 2, 2013 um 6:41 am

I am very pleased to see 3 titles by Shayne Parkinson (#11, 13, and 14) on the list. She is an outstanding New Zealand author and the books listed are 5+ star books. (They are books 2-4 in her Promises to Keep series. The first book, Sentence of Marriage, is a freebie, which is probably why it doesn’t appear.) I have recommended her books since I first read them several years ago. Parkinson is one of those authors whose books are worth more than she is charging for them, and is one of fewer than a dozen authors for whom I would pay more than $5.99 for an ebook with hesitation.

The Ogre July 2, 2013 um 6:55 am

So, what’s wrong with there being no free titles on a best *sellers* list?

Nate Hoffelder July 2, 2013 um 7:47 am

There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s just that the list doesn’t accurately reflect the most popular titles.

Mark Coker July 2, 2013 um 10:56 am

Nate, already under serious consideration. 🙂 There are myriad potential lists we can share, and FREE is at the top of the list.

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