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Wattpad for Android, iPad, and iPhone Updated With New Ways to Get Content

wattpad_logoWattpad, the world’s largest online writing community, rolled out an update earlier this week for mobile apps. In addition to the usual bug fixes and speed improvements, Wattpad has added a newsfeed option.

wattpad androidReaders will no longer have to go searching for new stories or to find out what their favorite authors are doing; now Wattpad will deliver the updates to their mobile apps. The newsfeed includes all the latest goings on in your local section of the Wattpad community, including story updates, comments, and who is following whom. And if there aren’t any updates, Wattpad will recommend stories to read.

The app also lets readers download free stories in a variety of genres, including SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, thrillers, classics, poetry and more. Readers can share what they’re reading, vote on the stories, and leave comments  on what they just read. The app can also function as a writing app, enabling users to publish anything they write for others to read.

Wattpad is a 9-year-old site that, at last count, had garnered nearly 16 million page views per month, all while providing an environment that encouraged and enabled authors to post free stories for their fans to read. A few weeks back Wattpad announced a new crowd funding platform, Fan Funding, further strengthening the ties between creator and reader.





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