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Wattpad Releases Amazingly Useful iWatch App

With a screen measuring under 2″ diagonally, there isn’t much that you can do with a device like Apple’s smartwatch but that hasn’t stopped some reading app developers from finding ways to use it.

Instapaper, for example, lets you control its TTS feature from the iWatch. The social reading app Glose added a speed reading feature. And now Wattpad has released its app for the iWatch.

wattpad apple watch iwatchWattpad’s app won’t let you write on the iWatch, but it will let authors track their stats. The new app pairs with the Wattpad app for the iPhone, and according to Wattpad:

The Wattpad team created this app for on-the-go writers who love keeping tabs on their latest stats. For writers, votes and read counts serve as a way to understand a story’s momentum, and seeing a spike in votes and reads often encourages them to keep writing.

The Wattpad app for Apple Watch gives writers real-time story analytics including total cumulative read and vote counts, as well as percent increases between app checks so they can keep track of readers’ reactions to their stories.

I can’t speak for you but that strikes this stats-obsessed blogger as a great idea. I really do obsess over my site’s traffic to the same degree that authors track their reading and sales stats, so I do appreciate the tool Wattpad has placed on author’s wrists.

alas, Google Analytics hasn’t released a similar iWatch app, so I will be forced to sit back and be jealous.

You can find the app in iTunes.

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jjj May 14, 2015 um 3:50 pm

A while ago in a comment elsewhere i was suggesting that Google should allow small dials on any Android Wear face. The user would add,remove and customize them and the dials would act as both widgets and shortcuts.
So you could have one for heartrate, one for weather, another one for this kind of application or a million other options. Ofc the number of dials that can fit is very limited but the user could at least have the most important ones always on the home screen with some basic info and the full app just 1 click away.

Nate Hoffelder May 14, 2015 um 4:33 pm

Do you mean like the dials on a high-end wristwatch? That would be a good adaptation, sure.

jjj May 14, 2015 um 6:12 pm

Like the 2-3-4 tiny dials on many watches that display all kinds of things.
Since they insist on making smartwatches similar to watches it makes sense to use an existing type of UI.
Someone like M$ could do things differently on a future Band, if they had a similar form factor with a bigger screen. They could just go with live tiles and be done with it – not being forced to pretend it’s a watch would allow them to fit more useful things while also saving us the time we waste to get away from the watch face. The watch face is pretty pointless as it is for a lot of people that gave up on watches a long time ago and they really don’t need the time on their wrists but i guess these devices are made by people that own watches (as jewelry) and don’t really get it, nor do they want a smartwatch to be any different than a normal watch and that’s a mortal sin, people that don’t really want a product shouldn’t be the ones making it.

ucfgrad93 May 14, 2015 um 6:16 pm

Not to be nit-picking, but it is called the Apple Watch, not iWatch. :p

Nate Hoffelder May 14, 2015 um 6:33 pm

I know. I just think iWatch reads better and is more recognizable.

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gratuck July 17, 2015 um 7:13 pm

are you able to actually read stories on the app or is just for checking book stats?

Nate Hoffelder July 17, 2015 um 7:30 pm

Just check stats.

Farah N September 11, 2016 um 12:23 pm

So wattpad doesn’t provide for reader to read basically on their iwatch?

Farah N September 11, 2016 um 12:25 pm

Is there any e-book that actually can read in iwatch?

Nate Hoffelder September 11, 2016 um 12:34 pm

On Android Wear, yes.

I can’t help you with the iWatch, sorry.

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