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What is Your Favorite Feed Reader App?

Earlier today I set out to write a round up post on the topic of feed reader apps. I am trying to devote Sunday morning to staying in bed and catching up on my news feeds on my iPad, and I thought that would be a great reason to download all the apps, test them, and then write a blog post talking about which one was best.

But then I found the list of compatible apps, and I realized the project may take more time than I have to spare.

I haven’t really looked at this topic since about 2014, and I was frankly surprised to see that the list of options had grown so long. Speaking of which, there’s an app missing from the list: your web browser.

I am a paying subscriber of the Bazqux feed reader, and I read it in Chrome on my iPad. It works so well that I have no real need to find an app to replace it.

I will start trying those apps, but in the meantime I wanted to get recommendations.

What app should I try? Which one do you think is best?

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Doug 30 January, 2021 um 9:35 pm


Christopher Harris 1 February, 2021 um 11:42 am

+1 for Feedly. Great on iOS and desktop via web.

J.E. Clark 30 January, 2021 um 10:29 pm


Joe 30 January, 2021 um 10:31 pm

Inoreader. I use it on PC, IOS, and Kindle Fire. Syncs great across devices. Frequently updated. Tons of features. Can’t recommend it enough.

Elvis Rowe 30 January, 2021 um 10:35 pm

Since you’re using BazQux, have you thought of moving to a self-hosted install of Tiny Tiny RSS ( I’ve been using it for years and it’s great.

Nate Hoffelder 30 January, 2021 um 10:57 pm

Now that I have my own VPS, I really should do that.

Brian Bloom 30 January, 2021 um 11:01 pm

I used ttrss for a long time, but I got super annoyed by the snotty attitude of the devs. Finally just abandoned it.

Josh Gunderson 30 January, 2021 um 10:43 pm

I also spent way too much time looking into Feed Readers after Google killed theirs (whenever that was), eventually went with Inoreader, and have been paying for their Pro tier since.

Brian Bloom 30 January, 2021 um 10:58 pm

I am liking Flym right now. I installed it and Feedly together, and it won.

JM 30 January, 2021 um 11:27 pm

I replaced reeder with NetNewsWire. Mine is setup to sync with feedly, but it supports on device subscriptions.

John 30 January, 2021 um 11:47 pm

Combo of Feedly classic, apple news, and Flipboard. Articles sent to Instapaper for read later.

Tagrus 31 January, 2021 um 12:02 am

News Explorer is great if you’re fully in Apple’s ecosystem. It’s a local client, but syncs your feeds and read status across iCloud.

Scott Lewis 31 January, 2021 um 11:24 am

I second News Explorer. I was a long time Reeder fan but News Explorer beat them to the punch on being native for Apple Silicon so I bought that rather than Reeder’s latest version.

On the Android side I never found a better reader than Press Reader but it was abandoned years ago alas.

AndyHat 31 January, 2021 um 1:01 am

I use, via web on my PC, and with their iOS app. I particularly love the ability to turn email newsletters into feeds, so I can get email, RSS and twitter all in one place.

Adam 31 January, 2021 um 1:15 am

I enjoy NewsBlur, there is a web version as well as an app for iOS and Android.

Alex 31 January, 2021 um 2:01 am


Art Kavanagh 31 January, 2021 um 5:28 am

Partly for nostalgic reasons, I’m using NetNewsWire on iPad. It’s available for the Mac as well but syncing is available only through Feedbin and Feedly (for now), so I just use it on iPad (for now). Before NNW was available for iPad, I was using Reeder 4 and was happy with it.

James 31 January, 2021 um 5:50 am

Feedly! Heck, that’s how I was informed of this article

Matteo 31 January, 2021 um 8:46 am

NetNewsWire is great on my Mac. It syncs with Feedly on my Android phone.

Char 31 January, 2021 um 9:03 am


Tim Illingworth 31 January, 2021 um 9:37 am

Feedly website in Chrome on Win10.
Feedly app on Android.

Snow 31 January, 2021 um 9:45 am

FeedlerPro is what I use.

Gustavspeed 31 January, 2021 um 10:00 am


Robin Covington 31 January, 2021 um 11:57 am

Feedly app.

Rob 31 January, 2021 um 12:11 pm

Inoreader. I searched for a long time after Goggle reader shuttered. On my desktop or laptop computer, I appreciate that it uses the same keyboard shortcuts to quickly sift through my feeds. It’s also valuable to me that it easily forwards longer articles to my instapaper account, which I read on my Kindle.

Paul K Biba 31 January, 2021 um 1:06 pm

Feedbin in my browser works just as well and any iOS or Android app that I’ve tried.

EJC 31 January, 2021 um 1:23 pm

Newsblur on my phone, tablet, and PC. I also have a Chrome extension, RSS Subscription Extension (by Google), that lets me find the feeds that are not as easy to locate.

John 31 January, 2021 um 1:31 pm

Inoreader is a no brainer if you’re in the "power user" category. Extremely powerful and efficient

Kamen 31 January, 2021 um 10:34 pm

I use Feedly (smartphone, tablet, or browser).

I used to combine Feedly with elfeed when I am working in Emacs, but I don’t keep both feed collections in sync, so I’m using elfeed less and less these days.

Fahirsch 1 February, 2021 um 6:06 am

NetNewsWire, ios and Mac, mostly on iPhone

Lezuzius 1 February, 2021 um 9:26 am

One more vote for feedly!

Daniel 1 February, 2021 um 10:20 am

Another vote for Newsblur. The social parts of it remind me of the dearly departed father of most RSS apps, Google Reader.

S. J. Pajonas 1 February, 2021 um 4:21 pm

I’m going to bookmark this for the future! I’m currently using a self hosted app called Fever but it’s been out of development for a few years. Still works great! But I suspect one of these days it’ll stop working when the PHP outpaces it.

Michael 1 February, 2021 um 6:49 pm

I use Liferea every day and like it a lot.

Anthony 1 February, 2021 um 9:48 pm

I use Feedly on my laptop (via browser) and its iOS app (on my iPad/iPhone). It’s worked fine for me.

Rick Gill 1 February, 2021 um 11:30 pm

I’ve been using Feedly Pro some time and recently upgraded to Feedly Pro+ On my iPad and iPhone. On occasion I’ll use Feedly via Chrome on my PC.

lumpynose 2 February, 2021 um 2:43 am

Feedly in Firefox on Windows 10. Your article title confused me since it never used the term RSS but all of the Android apps use that term. To me they’re RSS feeds, not merely feeds, but maybe I’m old school.

Johanna 2 February, 2021 um 9:31 am

NetNewsWire. I’ve been using it "forever" and like it.

The Rodent 2 February, 2021 um 7:38 pm

Wanting a stand-alone feed app for Windows, I now use QuiteRSS.

patrick 6 March, 2021 um 5:48 pm

i use RSS Reader it really helps to follow feeds and podcasts and it is very customizable

JOhn 10 March, 2021 um 2:26 pm

I use Mosaiscope (

I use it for 2 super powerful features they came up with:
– Pinpoint Bookmarking (only seems to work on their iOS app). It allows you to mark exactly where you left off in an article, down to the word, to get back to the exact spot instantly.
– The other feature is called Email Subscribe. I’ve seen a few other RSS clients added this feature recently as well, but I remember that these folks pioneered it. Basically, they give you an email address and you can use that email address to either subscribe to newsletters, or you can keep getting them to your personal email address but set up forwarding on it and forward it to the Mosaiscope Email Subscribe email address. It shows up in the Mosaiscope RSS reader under it’s own tab. It’s life changing. Keeping the newsletter garbage out of my personal inbox = Love.

That’s where I’m at:)

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