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What is Your Favorite Feed Reader App?

Earlier today I set out to write a round up post on the topic of feed reader apps. I am trying to devote Sunday morning to staying in bed and catching up on my news feeds on my iPad, and I thought that would be a great reason to download all the apps, test them, and then write a blog post talking about which one was best.

But then I found the list of compatible apps, and I realized the project may take more time than I have to spare.

I haven’t really looked at this topic since about 2014, and I was frankly surprised to see that the list of options had grown so long. Speaking of which, there’s an app missing from the list: your web browser.

I am a paying subscriber of the Bazqux feed reader, and I read it in Chrome on my iPad. It works so well that I have no real need to find an app to replace it.

I will start trying those apps, but in the meantime I wanted to get recommendations.

What app should I try? Which one do you think is best?

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