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Why yes, Google Now Will Read Dirty Wikipedia Entries

Here’s a video that will make the 7-year-old inside of some of us giggle.

A redditor discovered yesterday that Google Now , the voice activated version of Google’s search engine will indeed read anything it fins online – including NSFW and inappropriate Wikipedia entries.

I doubt that anyone is surprised by this, and it is certainly not the first video of Google Now saying inappropriate words. After a few minutes googling, I found a similar video where Google Now recited George Carlin’s now infamous 7 dirty words (I am sure there are more, but I don’t care to see them).

Admittedly, that one made me giggle slightly but only because of the historical context. George Carlin couldn’t say them on TV in 1973, but now you can have a foul-mouthed tablet or smartphone say them.

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