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Wundr Launches Epub3 Creation Tool Playwrite for OSX

Vancouver’s own digital publishing services company Wundr announced on Wednesday of last week that it was launching a new Mac-only Epub3 creation tool.

According to the press release, Playwrite offers an  easy-to-use interface and powerful toolset with a WYSIWYG interface that cuts down on the work required to produce an Epub3 ebook.


Authors can choose from prepared style templates, including novel, textbook, academic journal, and more. They can easily add video, audio, and images simply by dragging and dropping the files.

The app integrates with Upub, Wundr’s distribution platform, enabling authors to create a single file and upload it to all of the major ebookstores, including Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play. Authors can then manage their ebook across the stores, including adjusting the price, suspending a listing, and updating the metat data.

While there’s a plenitude of apps for creating Epub ebooks, the ones which also boast of making Epub3 files are rather thin on the ground.  I only know of one, PubCoder; it launched in December 2014. (And of course there is Adobe Indesign.)

You can find Playwrite in the Mac App Store. It costs $50.

Wundr via MobileRead

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rebecca February 25, 2015 um 8:08 am

I believe Vellum outputs epub3. The feature set is still a bit incomplete, from what I can tell.

Nate Hoffelder February 25, 2015 um 8:29 am

I can’t find any evidence of that. Let me go ask on Twitter.

Tom Semple February 26, 2015 um 1:45 am

This tool will not do FXL of course. I think InDesign is the only thing out there right now.

I am still looking for evidence that ePub3 has had any significant impact on how and what we read. Sure, if you are publishing an ebook with a major vendor, it might as well be 'ePub3', but is anyone bothering to do anything with it that one could not do with ePub3?

Ben Hollingum February 26, 2015 um 5:57 am

As I recall, FXL is all that PubCoder does. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never really been that bothered about it.

Michael February 27, 2015 um 4:03 am

ViewPorter and Jutoh also support fixed layout. Jutoh was the more polished of the two last I looked, but I found neither very appealing. Then again, I don’t have many projects where I’d prefer fixed over reflowable, so I’m probably not the best judge.

And I believe TigerCreate, besides producing apps, also supports Epub3 FXL export, minus some of the extra interactivity options available to apps.

daniela calisi February 26, 2015 um 6:26 am

PubCoder not only does fixed layout but also exports in all possible formats:
– EPUB3 fixed-layout for Apple devices, Kobo, Readium, Azardi, Gitden, Google Play Books
– KF8 fixed-layout for Kindle Fire devices;
– App for Android devices
– App for iOS devices

and soon HTML5 too.

john March 2, 2015 um 11:56 am

And yet every company is trying to do that, focusing on FXL while it is a really small market globally. Come on, there are zillions of apps, (cloud) services, InDesign plugins for FXL while there are very few solutions for reflow… where the big money is.

And this is business nonsense since all "players" have been demanding tools to manage reflow. Actually.

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