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Yoleo Reader Joins a Crowded News Reader Niche

yoleo The Readerpocalypse is only 11 days away, and new alternatives to Google Reader are still coming out of the woodwork.

I’ve just come across another news reader app called Yoelo Reader. Do you like minimalist layouts heavily accented in red? Then this is the news reading app for you.

Yoleo offers a basic function, browser-only news reader service. There’s no sharing options (yet), nor can you save content to be read later, but one thing Yoleo has going for it is that it is reasonably rugged.


I have signed up and imported my Google Reader account. Yoleo has yet to choke on my nearly 2,000 RSS feed collection, and that puts them a step ahead of the competition.

According to the blog, Yoleo launched with just the basic features that the developers felt were needed at launch.  They’re still working at finalizing the design and are planning to add a number of features, including:

Article list

  • Sortable by oldest first
  • Faster navigation

Subscription list features

  • Filterable by read, starred, all
  • Drag and drop reorganization
  • Folder management
  • Manual refresh

Like CommaFeed and Digg Reader, Yoleo looks to be a relatively new app that came about as a result of Google announcing the end of Google Reader. And like a lot of the news reader services launched in the past few months, Yoleo is independent of Google Reader.  While it can import your GR feeds, Yoleo is not tied to Google Reader.


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