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You Tell Me: Who or What are you reading right now?

I am looking for new authors to fall in love with, so I thought I would throw open the comment section and ask: What are you reading?

My current read is a collection of cyberpunk detective stores by Barry B Longyear. I happen to pick it up  as a trade paperback at a con a while back, only to discover later that it was signed by the author. This is too precious to me to use, so I will be shortly replacing it with the Kindle edition.

So tell me, who or what are you reading?

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Brian May 30, 2020 um 8:39 pm

I’m on a re-read of Graydon Saunders' Commonweal series. Recommended "The March North" to a friend, and she’s finishing that book this weekend. I find it excellent philosophical fiction, though I suspect that most folk will find his writing style polarising.

Rusty May 30, 2020 um 9:38 pm

I just finished the Lt. Peter Harding series by Antony Melville-Ross and really liked it. The first one was a freebie last month. My all time favorite series is the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. If you’re in Canada the books by Maurice Walsh are worth getting from Faded Page.

Bill Peschel May 30, 2020 um 10:03 pm

The Complete Stories of Dorothy L. Sayers. Most of them are Lord Peter stories, but there’s a series of 11 about Montague Egg, wine salesman, that’s great fun. There’s also "An Arrow O’er the House," about a writer who tries to interest a publisher in his book through a publicity stunt.

Daniel May 31, 2020 um 4:37 am

I’m reading The Last Command by Timothy Zahn. For some reason, I never finished his Thrawn trilogy.

-dsr- May 31, 2020 um 8:35 am

If you like the first chapter of The March North, you are in for a big treat. If Graydon were better known, he’d have a good chance at a Hugo.

I just picked up Marko Kloos' second book in the Palladium series, but I haven’t opened it yet.

Also on the TBR-soon shelf: Max Barry’s Providence, and I’m going to re-read SL Huang’s Russell’s Attic series but I haven’t decided on an ordering yet.

Xavier Basora May 31, 2020 um 8:41 am


Finished reading Historia de Catalunya modestia a part edicio revisada i augmentada. I’m now reading an ancient stirring an independently published space opera and el pirate de la cala.

Steve H. May 31, 2020 um 9:36 am

Just starting The Howling Dark, part 2 of the Sun Eater series by Christopher Ruocchio. Part one, Empire of Silence was good IMO, epic space adventure fantasy. Next is Dark Age by Pierce Brown(book 5 of the Red Rising Series) totally crazy space warfare, insurrection, politics and treachery.
Also a couple political books.

DaveMich May 31, 2020 um 3:16 pm

Currently checked out and reading: The End of October by Lawrence Wright. Not part of a series. A pandemic flu develops and sweeps across the world. Sound familiar? My MIL said it was the best book she had read in many years. I’m about half-way through and it is "not too bad" so far.

Also: The Unwelcome Warlock by Lawrence Watt-Evans. Apparently one I had missed before. He is a former Del-Ray author whose books are auto-buys for me. Carefully constructed magic, but not quite fantasy and not conflict-based. His short-story megapack is only 99c and is a good introduction to his style. Highly recommended, often found on Overdrive.

Barry Steiner May 31, 2020 um 6:04 pm

You might want to check out Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series. It’s best read in order. "The Black Echo" is the first in the series. Six seasons' of the TV series is available on Amazon Prime – caution – it may be binge worthy!

Jens Lindblad June 1, 2020 um 4:23 am

Cold war, tension filled, beautifully prosed, neurotic protagonist, first person narrative, boarding school traumas and a parable on why you hate your boss. Quiller is an intelligence operative, he needs to operate on the brink of extinction. 19 books of sheer bliss by Adam Hall aka. Elleston Trevor!

Olivier June 1, 2020 um 1:36 pm

I am re-reading all of Joe Abercrombie.

Melody June 7, 2020 um 1:36 pm

I’ve not gotten it yet, but Viktor Pelevin’s "Omon Ra" is on its way to me. I loved "Buddha’s Little Finger", so I’m looking forward to this one!

roz June 10, 2020 um 2:45 pm

Swords of the Vatican Reflections of a Witness to Evil by Severyn Ashkenazy is timely. It shows the use of force was discovered by the Vatican and used for centuries to control the masses. Every year since the beginning of Christianity is looked at by this author with an eye toward relentless hatred toward the Jews but any group the Church opposed got the sharp end of that sword. Good read if you want the backstory on current news and why force is always used by police or those in charge.

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