Hyundai just announced 2 e-readers

Yes, that is the car company. (They’re more than just a car company; they’re a manufacturing conglomerate with quite a few product lines.) I’m used to finding strange stuff, but this time I think I outdid myself.

Hyundai announced 2 ereaders last week. The HYV-C700 and HYV-C600 have 7″ and 6″ LCD screens, which makes the C600 a rather odd beast. This is the first 6″ LCD screen I’ve seen in a long while (if ever).

I’m having trouble finding complete specs, but from what I can tell the C700 has a 7″ screen (800×480 resolution). It doesn’t appear to have Wifi or a touchscreen. But it does have good audio and video support (720p HD, RMVB, AVI, MPEG4, FLV, WMV, MP3, APE, FLAC, OGG) as well as decent ebook support (TXT , PDF , HTML , ePub ,FB2,PDB).

The C600 does have a touchscreen and the same format support. I don’t know the screen resolution, but I do know that it supports  taking notes on the touch screen.

There’s no indication of price or availability, but Hyundai are planning to release several more ereaders, including at least one with a 5″ screen.

via MobRead

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  1. Mike Cane5 September, 2010

    Nice digging. So, these will be Pandigital Novel v2? Ha!

  2. Perry5 September, 2010

    Interesting turn of events – does this mean the readers will become DRM agnostic? If enough non publishers/distributors develop readers, then the DRM becomes a barrier rather than an advantage

  3. Robert6 September, 2010

    I wonder if these will come with a 10 year/100,000 book warranty

    1. Nate the great6 September, 2010

      Good one.

  4. […] that now includes some e-reader functions. I’m pretty sure this is the same hardware as the Hyundai 6″ e-reader that I showed you earlier this week. The similarity is […]


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