$55 Tablet Runs Android 4.0 on a BoxChip A13 CPU

Charbax has been scraping the bottom of the price barrel when buying tablets on his trip to Shenzhen, and it looks like he might have found a new low. That extremely cheap tablet I showed you earlier today also comes in an even cheaper version.

In the following video Charbax shows off a 7" tablet with basically the same specs as the one I posted earlier. The maon difference is that instead of the Boxchip A10 chip, this tablet has the A13 chip. It has the same CPU and GPU, but Boxchip managed to shave the cost down by leaving out components like HDMI-out.

Its not clear what else they left out of the tablet, so there's a chance that BoxChip might even be able to get the price even lower.

Like the other tablet I showed you, Charbax is trying to organize group buy via his website. If he can find enough interested buyers, he'll mastermind a deal with the manufacturer.

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  1. Just wish they would go up to 1024×600 or 800x 600 for the screen in that it seems that that is the res necessary for good manga viewing.
    When these flood the market and show up in bubble packs in CVS or Walgreen, the perception that tablets are cheap and plentiful will be cemented.
    This also opens the way to multitablet apps becoming common, and true ubiquitous computing will arise.

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