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Google Play Books Doubles the Upload Limit – Now Lets You Upload 100MB Files

Readers google play bookswith great big media-rich ebooks have a reason to celebrate today. Google has quietly changed the restrictions on the personal ebooks uploaded to Google Play Books servers. Users can now upload either a PDF or Epub that is up to 100MB in size, and then download said file and read it in the Google Play Books app.

There’s been no announcement of the change, but the new limit is mentioned on the upload page.

Sure, hardly anyone has files that big (even PDFs rarely get that big), and if they did they probably would not have the time to waste to upload and then download it again, but this is still extraordinarily generous of Google. With the 1000 file limit, they have effectively given each GPB user 100GB of free storage.

Google added the uploading feature in December 2012 when they added support for personal ebooks. It was intended to both give users free cloud storage and to make a reader’s Epub and PDF files compatible with Google’s crazy internal non-Epub ebook format.

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