New Nook to Have Front-Lit Screen

New Nook to Have Front-Lit Screen e-Reading Hardware Yes, B&N is beating Amazon to the punch.

Late last week Techcrunch reported that the next Kindle might be getting an integrated frontlight so people can read in the dark. I never really liked the idea, but apparently Barnes &Noble does. I now have a photo of new signage that B&N stores are just beginning to get in store.

New Nook to Have Front-Lit Screen e-Reading Hardware

It's important to note that the new Nook isn't getting a backlit screen like that on your LCD based tablet. The Nook, like many ereaders, uses an E-ink screen and that means that you cannot have the light behind the screen. The new Nook is going to have a front light embedded over the E-ink screen and it's probably going to work much like the FlexLight concept video which I showed you back in December.

I don't have any firm details on the price or release date, but I have heard that it will be a Thursday launch. That likely means tomorrow, but it might refer to next week.

P.S. As fascinating as this story is, I have to say that I've been hearing rumors of it for a while now. My competition reported last week about this very product. He only had a rumor, but his details were surprisingly accurate.



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23 Comments on New Nook to Have Front-Lit Screen

  1. Cute. You are trying to get us to edit your old blog posts! (The link for the post from last December is a link to edit it in WP admin.)

    Just FYI! I wanted to read the post. ^_^

  2. There are TWO Nates with ebook blogs?

    Which one of you is Nate the great?

  3. Personally I’ve been looking forward to this technology.

    However I do hope that the light is not of the blue or white variety, a yellowish light (like incandescent) would give a more ‘bookish’ feeling.

    Wait and see I guess.

  4. digital reader fan // 11 April, 2012 at 4:43 pm // Reply

    I wonder if Thursday is online purchase only or in Brick stores Thursday. I guess if they were sitting on brick stores today word would get out. It will be fun to see it.

  5. I told you a couple of weeks ago when the Nook Touch refurbs went to $69 that it meant a new Nook was on it’s way. I would think that they will announce it and then it will be in stores in a few weeks so that they can get preorders in for it. That’s their usual MO except with the Nook Tablet 8 gig.

  6. Hey! MSNBC is quoting you! đŸ˜‰

  7. Well, this is exciting news to me! I use my Nook Touch and love it, saving the rest of my electronic gizmo appetite for my uber Android smartphone. I once rooted my Nook Touch but restored it because I like it just as a book reader. Ever since I saw news about flexlight I’ve thought, “THAT would be a nice addition to the Nook Touch.” Wow, sometimes hopes do come true! I can’t wait to see it. I too agree, though, about the light color mentioned above. The newest nook clip-on light uses an “incandescent” look and it’s much nicer than the bluish white of many LED lights. Will be interesting to see how this looks.

  8. i hope it comes with an firmware update…
    1. browser
    2. android mode(installable app)
    3. landscape
    4. improved partialrefresh

  9. Now mentioned on B&N’s website.
    $139 Pre-order for May 1.

  10. digital reader fan // 12 April, 2012 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    Darn right Nate and source scooped the internet. Good job!

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