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24Symbols Expands Into Germany, Signs Deal With Mobilcom Debitel

24symbols-logo[1]Here’s an old bit of ebook news which went unreported at the time.

Earlier this month 24Symbols inked a deal with the third biggest carrier in Germany, Mobilcom Debitel, to offer 24Symbols' subscription ebook service to the mobile operator’s customers.

Readers can subscribe and read as many titles from the 100,000 German language titles in 24Symbols' catalog as they like for only 6 euros per month. The ebooks can be read in 24Symbols apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone, and the payment processing is handled by Mobilcom, which will be promoting the service both online and offline campaigns.

24Symbols is one of the older but less buzzworthy subscription ebook services. Primarily based in Spain with English and Spanish titles in its catalog, the deal with Mobilcom marks 24Symbols first major international expansion. Its competitors in Spain include Nubico, Skoobe, and Nuvem de Libros, while in Germany 24Symbols has to contend with Kindle Unlimited, Skoobe again, and Scribd.

Quite some time has passed since 24Symbols last crossed my desk, and i was frankly surprised to learn that it had added 100,000 German language titles to its catalog. That is a better selection than Skoobe boasts, and it could be more German language titles than Kindle Unlimited (it’s difficult to say from across the ocean).

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Comments May 26, 2015 um 3:01 am

If you go to – Kindle unlimited and substract the foreign books (Fremdsprachige Bücher) from the total amount of books found you get 59798 German ebooks for Kindle unlimited Germany.
Though this doesn’t say anything about the qualitiy of the books. I guess you can’t just compare numbers here.

Nate Hoffelder May 26, 2015 um 4:53 am

Thank you both!

deanishe May 26, 2015 um 3:11 am lists a bit over 950,000 books for Unlimited in Germany. 890,000 of those are in the Foreign Language section, however, so 60K German-language books.

I can’t say for sure how much most Germans care for all the foreign-language books, but the last Harry Potter shifted a healthy 400K copies in English on the day of release (the German translation came out months later), so interest in English-language books at least is non-zero.

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