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Amazon Now Lets Authors Purchase Multiple Copies of Kindle eBooks

Instafreebie and other free ebook sites are a great way to give away ebooks, but not all readers are capable of loading an ebook on their Kindle.

That is why some authors give away copies bought in the Kindle Store, and now Amazon is making it easier.

Last week they announced a new bulk purchase option for Kindle ebooks.

Now, Amazon enables you to purchase multiple copies of your eBook in a single order.

As an author, a great way to build your brand is to run social media giveaways, gift your eBooks to readers at a conference, and/or send an eBook to your newsletter subscribers.

When you purchase multiple copies of a Kindle book on Amazon, we create a set of redemption links, one for each copy of the eBook. You can distribute these links to any reader on

To get started, find an eBook, choose “Buy for Others”, and select the quantity of eBooks you’d like to purchase.

Visit our Help Page to learn more about our new Kindle feature “Buy for others”.

Paying retail for a volume order of ebooks is rather expensive, but there are some readers that can’t be reached any other way.

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Kevin June 17, 2018 um 5:24 am

The Amazon link says "An order of multiple eBooks will be considered when evaluating Sales Rank; the quantity of copies within that order will not be considered." What does this mean? Purchasing 100 books will count as one book in the sales rank?

Allen F June 17, 2018 um 7:00 pm

Sounds like it, Amazon doesn’t want someone to simply buy their way to the top.

Tom S June 18, 2018 um 1:16 am

Author gets a royalty so it is not full retail.

Hannah Steenbock June 18, 2018 um 3:50 am

It would be interesting to know whether Amazon treats such a "gift" as a valid purches for reviews, especially if they don’t count such orders for sales rank (which does make sense).

Hannah Steenbock June 18, 2018 um 3:51 am


Kevin June 19, 2018 um 4:23 am

Hannah Steenbock: The Amazon link contains the following: "Recipients of eBook copies from a multi-copy purchase are able to leave non-Amazon Verified Purchase reviews based on existing Community Guidelines".

Carmen Wester Buxton June 19, 2018 um 11:07 am

Nope! I had one game on (I think) the Kindle Touch, and I rarely played it and can’t remember what it was. I love my Kindle Voyage for reading, and that’s what I use it for.

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