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Amazon to Present the Appstore at CES 2012

Hundred of companies will be at CES next week to show off their latest and greatest products, but Amazon is taking a different tack. This year will be Amazons 3rd (or more) year as an exhibitor, but they wont be showing off the Kindle. Instead they plan to send a team to talk about the Appstore. They’re trying to recruit developers, so they’re doing a pitch on Friday.

I’m going to miss it, of course, but I thought it worth a mention.

At first I thought this was a little odd, but then I learned that Amazon usually sends a team to CES. Given how well known the Kindle is, there’s no need to put it on display. So instead Amazon comes to CES to talk to the developers who are there to show off their latest products.

I’m sure this kind of thing isn’t all that uncommon, but it’s not what I would have expected from the name of the show.  This is a consumer electronics show, so one would generally assume that it was consumer oriented. No, there’s actually quite a bit of behind the scenes activity going on that the press doesn’t get to see.

For example, iriver bailed on me so they’d have more time with their partners. Also,  know that the E-ink folks will be meeting with partners about new products. And yes, I tried to get permission to sit in, but no luck.

On the other hand, it is at least a little unusual to see Amazon listed as an exhibitor (as opposed to simply sending the team). Amazon’s main gadget competitor’s won’t have a visible presence at CES. B&N comes closest; unlike Apple and Kobo, B&N will be exhibiting the Nook at one of the outside events (PepCom Digital Experience on Tuesday night).

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BevQB January 7, 2012 um 12:08 pm

Shame that you couldn’t get into that eInk meeting. I’d love to know if anyone’s figured out that there’s a big hole in offerings, one that spans the gap between the proprietary eInk ereaders and the smaller Android tablets. I’m talking about an eInk Android tablet with audio that’s marketed as the ultimate eReader. Kindle app, Overdrive app, Nook app, Audible app, etc. all on one easy-on-the-eyes device. No rooting, no hacking required. Who cares if 90% of other Andoid apps won’t work right on it, as I said, it’s the ultimate eReader.

If only you could make it so, Nate. (At least I’m assuming you haven’t perfected your mind altering super powers yet, have you?)

Nate Hoffelder January 7, 2012 um 12:32 pm

Nope, sorry. I wouldn’t have been able to even mention that E-ink was meeting with partners if I’d gotten to sit in on one.

But I agree with you about the product opportunity. Android on E-ink is exactly why I love my Sony Reader Wifi.

fjtorres January 7, 2012 um 4:32 pm

Several asian vendors have in fact shown eink tablet but none has, to my knowledge, released. Which is too bad: a wide open eink tablet would easily command a decent premium over the walled gardens.

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