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Baen to raise price of Webscriptions

Toni Weisskopf, the Publisher at Baen Books, recently posted this bit of news on Baen’s Webscription ebookstore. (Yes, the monthly ebook deal is the same name as the ebookstore.)

Hi Webscription Customers,

I’m writing to announce a price increase in the normal monthly Webscription price. We will continue to guarantee four titles and deliver six or seven, but for the first time in nine years we will be increasing the price—but only by three bucks. Starting with the April 2011 titles the price will be $18/month.

It’s still the best deal around for ebooks. For $18, the monthly webscription gives you 4 to 6 ebooks, in multiple formats, DRM free.

You can also buy the ebooks separately, if you like. But I still like to buy the webscritions for reasons of serendipity. I’ve discovered new authors that way.


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