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Draft2Digital Adds POD (beta)

From the D2D blog:

Right now we are beta testing our new print on demand (POD) service, finding and eliminating any bugs and technical challenges, and making this a resource that will help you expand your author business in an exciting way!

Unlike some POD services, D2D Print will have no upgrade fees, no recurring fees, and low-cost author copies.

We’ll also offer some pretty amazing features, including:

  • Brick & Mortar Distribution—Physical bookstores will be able to order copies of your books, to place on their shelves.

NOTE: This does not mean your books will automatically be available in physical bookstores. You will need to request that a store order and carry your books, and they can order them through their regular channels. Draft2Digital does not distribute directly to physical bookstores.

I’m told the books are being printed by IPG. You can find out more on the Draft2Digital website.

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