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eBook Bundle Service Elly’s Choice Goes International, Rebrands as Book Choice

When it launched in August 2014 Elly’s Choice offered Dutch readers a monthly bundle of ebooks for a flat fee. They got ten Epub ebooks each month at a cost of 3 euros per month, and could read them in any app or device.

That’s a great deal compared to other bundle services like StoryBundle or Baen Books’s monthly bundle, but the downside was that Elly’s Choice was only available in the Netherlands and the ebooks were all in Dutch.

Starting next month, that is going to change.

Elly’s Choice sent out an email today with the news of how the service is going to change. Starting on 1 February, the monthly bundles will include eight titles and will be available both as ebooks and audiobooks.

The name will be changing to Book Choice, and the service will soon be offering titles in six European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch).

Soon everyone will be able to sign up for Book Choice, and I can’t wait. Eight books for $4.27 is a great deal, so much so that it’s worth the gamble that I won’t like all the titles.

Do you plan yo sign up?

Thanks, Huub!

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