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Energy Sistem Pro+ eReader Launches – Carta, Android 4.2

Energy sistem carta eReader ProThe Spanish gadget importer Energy Sistem has released an updated version of its latest 6″ ereader, the Energy eReader Pro.

The Energy eReader Pro + features a Carta E-ink screen but is otherwise identical to that earlier model. Both models run Android 4.2 on a dual-core 1GHz CPU with 8GB internal storage, a microSD card slot. They both have Wifi, a headphone jack for audio, and come with Google Play.

They have similar screen resolutions, and they both have touchscreens and frontlights. The only difference is that one has a Carta E-ink screen while the other has a Pearl E-ink screen.

Carta E-ink screens are the second-newest screen tech from E-ink after the Carta HD screen found on the Kindle Voyage and the Kobo Glo HD. The older Carta screen first launched on the Kindle Paperwhite in 2013, and is becoming more common this year as smaller ereader makers adopt the screen as the price drops.

The Chinese ereader maker Boyue announced the  T62+ in March, which uses this screen. Not so coincidentally, the Energy eReader Pro + is actually a rebranded T62+.

As we go into 2015, it’s clear the Carta E-ink screen is now the standard for mid-range ereaders, but I wouldn’t necessarily let that be a deciding factor for choosing an ereader. Carta E-ink screens have better contrast and can be slightly whiter, but the differences are subtle. And with frontlights now making most E-ink screens as white as one might like, the gray tint isn’t quite such a big deal.

Energy eReader Pro +

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Leon July 7, 2015 um 1:42 am

Any upcoming reviews on the pro+? I really want to know how the screen quality compares to the glo HD or the paperwhite 2

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