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First look at Kobo’s new note taking ability

iPad owners, eat your hear out.

Chippy of UMPC Portal got his hands on the new HTC Flyer, the one with dual touchscreen layers. He puts this Android tablet though its paces, and 1 of the apps he shows off is a reading app based on Kobo. The new app supports scribbled notes.

Now, this isn’t all that new of a feature; some ereaders have been doing this for years. But when it comes to the Big 3 (Kindle, B&N, Kobo), it is new. None of them have apps that can do this yet. TBH, Kobo can’t quite do this either. All these features are based on code written for the HTC Flyer.

The video is after the break; skip to about 5:10 to see the Kobo app.

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Mike Cane May 18, 2011 um 11:07 am

It’s a bloody screensnap of the app. So this is the same thing that would happen if Chippy was using: Nook, Sony, Kindle, Aldiko, Adobe Reader X, or any other damn eBook, PDF, reading, any app.

Nate Hoffelder May 18, 2011 um 11:23 am

No, I’m pretty sure it’s not just a screen snap. Look at the way the bookmarks and annotations are attached to particular locations in the book.

Mike Cane May 18, 2011 um 3:33 pm

I was WRONG! That’s actually a CUSTOMIZED version of Kobo for HTC that is pen-enabled. Yeah, that’s news.

Phildo May 21, 2011 um 4:31 am

He doesn’t seem very at ease with his fingers, and this stylus… Sometimes using his finger, sometimes the stylus, difficulties holding the tablet at the same time. Not sure it’s very ergonomic…

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