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Google Alerts Updated With Restored Support for RSS Feeds

google-reader-logoOne of the more frustrating side effects of the Google Reader shutdown was how it affected Google Search Alerts, which lost the ability to send you updates via RSS feeds.

There hasn’t been any announcement from Google, but it appears that feature was quietly restored earlier this week. News junkies can once again set up an alert and be notified via RSS of new search results for any given term.

google alerts

This is great news for me; I have been using one of the alternatives and it is frankly a poor second choice to Google Alerts. It’s called Talkwalker Alerts, and it keeps sending spurious results that aren’t at all relevant or useful.

I also experimented with getting the alerts via email, but I didn’t like it either. I use Google Alerts to keep track of the latest news on a number of topics, and even though I can get the alerts by email I have found that an RSS feed is a more efficient way to receive them.

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Gary September 12, 2013 um 6:58 am

Cool! Thanks for that info – I’ve just restored access to a couple of alerts, through my Tiny Tiny RSS setup.

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