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Huawei launch an app store

PC World are reporting that the Chinese cellphone maker Huawei have just launched an app store with 80k titles. They’re calling it a Digital Shopping Mall.

The Digital Shopping Mall is being built with a larger scope than other app stores, such as the iTunes Store which is solely meant for Apple products like the iPhone. The Digital Shopping Mall features apps for different mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. At the same time, Huawei is aggregating apps from countries across the world. Telecom operators will be able to customize how they wish to offer the Digital Shopping Mall to their users.

What’s most interesting about this app store is that it was built so Huawei’s telecom customers could offer their own branded app store. Not word yet on who is using it, but I did find a hint that Vodaphone SPain might be. The story is behind a paywall, so I’m not sure.

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