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Infographic: The Fate of the Common Gadget – Life and Death After Usage

How-to-dispose-an-old-e-reader-or-tablet-intro-540x346[1]There comes a point with any gadget where it has to be disposed of. Whether it’s becasue you’ve upgraded to a newer device, or the battery has finally died for the last time, or because your smartphone went for a swim, the old gadget has got to go.

The following infographic lays out an argument against simply chucking the old device in the trash. Instead you should consider re-gifting or recycling the gadget so that it might be reused.  This not only helps someone else, it also reduces the damaging effects of e-waste and removes one more piece of trash from a landfill.



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Guy Leblanc August 4, 2014 um 9:32 am


You start to hide your morning coffee from rss. If we want to see your links we have to come to your site. I do not like that and I have to options now. Stop following you or make a robot that will generate an rss stream from your site. In either case I think you loose on the side of what you want to do.

Why are you doign that exacly?


Nate Hoffelder August 4, 2014 um 9:52 am

There’s no need to build a bot; there are any number of ways around this issue:

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