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Infographic: Guess the Writer


How well do you know that author?

Some writers are relatively unknown outside their genre or literary circle, while others have an easily recognizable style. The following infographic tests your knowledge of famous writers. For each author it offers a couple text hints and an image inspired by the author’s work.

There are a total of fifteen authors in this infographic, and they’re listed down at the bottom. Some were easy to identify, but most were a complete mystery to me.

I could only name six out of the fifteen.

How well did you do?



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Frank September 28, 2015 um 10:53 am

I got five and the pictures helped more than the words.

Bridget McKenna September 29, 2015 um 9:22 am

Ten, and without the pictures it would have been six.

Sharon Reamer September 30, 2015 um 8:25 am

I got 8 but probably only because there were a couple of them that rank among my favorite authors.

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