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Kindle & Epub Library eBooks – Where to Find Them

white kindleDon’t have OverDrive ebooks at your local library? Check out this list of libraries that allow non-residents to get library cards.

I’m sure you know that Amazon and OverDrive rolled out the new Kindle library ebook support this past week. Sadly not all libraries are OverDrive  partners, so I’ve put together this little list to help you find library ebooks. If you know of a library that should be on this list please let me know.

But before you sign up for any of these libraries, first check to see if your local library has ebooks. Visit OverDrive website and search their list of partners. You should also check nearby libraries and see if they will let you have a free library card.

For example, a number of Calif. libraries will give any Calif. resident a library card. Also, Maryland libraries have a similar mutual sharing agreement, and Boston Public Library offers free e-library card to all residents of Massachusetts.

Update: I’ve just been told about the digital libraries run by the US Air Force Navy, and Army. All are open to current service personnel.

Atlanta-Fulton Library

  • 1,300 ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $40 per year
  • more info

Austin Public Library

  • 3,000+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $60 per year
  • more info

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

  • 1,500 ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $45 per year
  • more info

Brooklyn Public Library

  • 14,000 ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $50 per year
  • more info

Fairfax County Library

  • 4,700+ ebooks.  Library Card Fee: $27 per year  more info

Free Library of Philadelphia

  • 7,100+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $35 per year
  • more info

Houston Public Library

  • 5,400+ ebooks.
  •  Library Card Fee: $40 per year
  • more info

Monroe County Library

  • 3,500+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $45 per year
  • more info

Orange County Library System

  • 23,000+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $125 per year
  •  more info

Pinellas County Library Cooperative

  • 2,600+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $100 per year
  • more info

Salt Lake County

  • 10,000+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $80/per year
  • more info

Singapore Public Library

  • Library access from anywhere in the world. Sign up as "Foreigner without FIN".
  • Library Card Fee: Free(?)
  • more info

Washington, D.C.

  • 6,000+ ebooks.
  •  Library Card Fee: $20 per year
  •  more info

World Public Library

  • 2,000,000+ ebooks.
  • Library Card Fee: $9 per year
  •  more info

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RK September 25, 2011 um 7:20 pm

Great list, thanks.

Syn September 26, 2011 um 1:44 am

Good find, but some of those prices.. 125 a year? Really? I think the only one I would do is the world public library.. the others are just to steep for the couple books I might check out a year..

Rae September 26, 2011 um 9:47 am

The best way to find libraries that offer OverDrive ebooks is to search at htttp://

If you get a nonresident card you want to be sure it’s good for electronic resources. Sometimes these cards have restrictions. For instance, Singapore only gives you an account that works inside their libraries, according to the application.

Also some library collections look really large but it may be they are including hundreds of free public domain books. Good titles but a disappointment if you are expecting bestsellers and new titles.

Nate Hoffelder September 26, 2011 um 10:06 am

I agree. That’s why I already linked to the search page on the OverDrive website.

kit temple November 10, 2012 um 5:13 pm

i’ve been looking for an apk file of an older overdrive media console, say, v2.0. seems the only way i’ll find it is if someone still has the file in memory from last year or so. anybody got it?

M September 14, 2015 um 4:30 pm

World library is a waste of $9 they do not have best sellers.
Pissed they stole my $ for crappy articles not books.

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