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Kindle for PC 1.23.1 Adds New Font Options, Multi-Column Option

Amazon has released a new update for its Kindle app for Windows and macOS. Kindle for PC version 1.23.1 adds a number of new features, include a half-dozen new font options and a new multi-column option that is being mislabeled as a "two-column mode".

Install the update and you can choose from six additional fonts Baskerville, Caecillia, Helvetica, Helvetica Light, Lucida, Palatino). Along with Bookerly, Amazon Ember, Amazon Ember Bold, and Open Dyslexic, the app now offers ten font options.

There’s also a new viewer that lets you zoom in on images and scroll around. It also works on equations and footnotes (I haven’t had a chance to test the latter two, though).

And last but not least, Kindle for PC now has a multi-column mode. For the longest time it has had an option for displaying text in two columns like the facing pages of a book, but now it can automatically adjust the number of columns to fit your screen size and the font size.

Select the right options and it can like this:


What’s new in Kindle for PC 1.23.1

1. New Fonts: You can choose from six new fonts (Baskerville, Caecillia, Helvetica, Helvetica Light, Lucida, Palatino) in addition to Bookerly, Amazon Ember, Amazon Ember Bold and Open Dyslexic in the Aa(Fonts) menu.

2. Two Column mode: You can now choose to read with one column, two columns or with the number of columns determined automatically based on the font size selected and the page width.

3. Viewer for Images, Math equations and Footnotes – Double click on an Image / Math equation to launch the viewer.

4. Split View support: You can now read in Split View on your PC.

You can find the update on Amazon.

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gbm April 18, 2018 um 10:59 pm

Did you test it with the work around for the "tools"?

Nate Hoffelder April 19, 2018 um 11:47 am

I have not

gbm April 19, 2018 um 12:35 pm

jhowell over at mobileread has.

I tried to test using Linux Wine but K4PC 1.23.5 did not run.

Nate Hoffelder April 19, 2018 um 12:52 pm


Mike Hall April 19, 2018 um 6:54 am

Funnily enough, the first change I noticed is not one of those documented. The selectable list of file types in the left hand column – which had been expanded greatly in the last update to include both types with zero entries and quite a few which had been misclassified – now shows only All, Downloaded and PDFs on my PC. I presume that they are suppressing zero entry types and have corrected the classification errors. I’d still like to see an "Archived" entry (which existed a few years ago before they introduced "All") as the easiest way to find books I’ve forgotten to download.

I wish they’d clear up the really crap treatment of Collections by extending cloud collections to the PC and allowing collections to be listed in alphabetical order – rather than the useless pseudo-random order currently adopted. Given that I mostly control my collections using Manage Your Content on the same PC it’s kind of annoying that it doesn’t propagate to the PC Kindle app.

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