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Kobo Plus Launches in Canada

Remember how I told you a couple months ago that Kobo would launch its subscription ebook service in North America?

It’s starting to happen. Kobo launched Kobo Plus in Canada on Wednesday morning. Or rather, I just got an email from Draft2Digital with the news that D2D is now distributing to Kobo  Plus Canada:

Canada’s biggest eBook retailer is bringing its popular service home!

In May 2017, we were excited to announce that Rakuten Kobo was rolling out Kobo Plus—a new revenue-sharing model for authors distributing eBooks to the Netherlands and Belgium. Now we’re just as excited to announce that Kobo is bringing the same great opportunity to its home turf, with the launch of Kobo Plus Canada!

Not only is Canada the place Kobo calls home, it’s their strongest performing territory, where they have the most reach. So opening up the program there is a huge opportunity for authors.

Kobo Plus currently offers 270,000 ebooks and audiobooks for which can be read for $9.99 CAD per month. If you would like to sign up, you can find the relevant page on Kobo’s website here.

If you are an author who wants to put their books in Kobo Plus, you can do so via Kobo Writing Life or via D2D.

Kobo also announced the expansion on the Kobo Writing Life blog.

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Disgusting Dude July 15, 2020 um 1:31 pm

Any word of the payout terms to publishers?

Miss M July 18, 2020 um 5:30 pm

Would you believe, by the minute? Sounds bizarre.

Disgusting Dude July 19, 2020 um 7:37 am

Yeah, that is definitely weird. And ripe for scamming unless they have a cap on how long it takes to move from page to page. Speed readers not welcome.
At least they admit they keep 40% of the gross.

Not sure they’ll generate much for the creators but as a replacement for permafree it’ll be better than nothing, I suppose.

Xavier Basora July 15, 2020 um 10:25 pm


Yeah. I got ad in my app. Interesting but I’m not the target demographic


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