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Laptop Mag reviews the Augen Gentouch78

If you’re thinking about getting this tablet then this review will definitely make up your mind.


The GenTouch78 was never going to be a powerhouse or the most desirable tablet this side of the iPad, but even at $149 it’s a waste of money. The Archos 7 Home Tablet, which was no prize in itself, is a better choice, as the company at least includes media codecs. Yes, having the Android Market (assuming Augen can get it working) and core apps on a tablet is a treat, but they don’t make up for this slate’s awful resistive screen, awkward button placement, and other deficiencies. We can see hackers and tinkerers potentially gravitating toward the GenTouch78 as a cheap Android testbed, but for general consumers, it’s not worth the investment.

Laptop Mag

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ColdSun August 4, 2010 um 9:05 pm

I have to agree.

Also, I have Android Market installed on my Archos 5IT and it works flawlessly. Of course, it is only Android 1.6, but it really makes the little A5IT sing. Right now it is my goto portable reader. My netbook (ASUS 1005PEB) is my home reading device.

You can supposedly use the same APK I used to install market on my A6IT on the A7HT.

ColdSun August 4, 2010 um 9:05 pm

Err A5IT (this is what I get for typing too fast and not correcting it)…

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