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LG Display show off a new screen at FPD (video)

FPD, a screen tech trade show, is being held right now in Tokyo. LG Disiplay are there, of course, and they have 3 screens on display (at least, 3 that I’ve found).

I showed you 2 of the screens back in May from my SID Display week coverage. One is a 9.7″ color epaper and the other is a flexible 19″ grayscale. The photos I have from SID Display week are actually better (I have the spec sheets) than the current photos so I’ll use mine instead. They’re at the end of the post.

The third screen is new to me. It’s a compound display with both a color and grayscale component (much like the Nemoptic display). All I have for that is this video. You can see 2 of the 3 screens starting at about 1:10.

Update: I just found another video from FPD. This one was shot by Akihabara News

FPD 2010 LG’s Booth

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