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Microsoft Editor Extension for Chrome and Edge Takes on Grammarly

Microsoft’s new co-editing tool takes on Grammarly where it is the weakest, in the web browser.

Last week Microsoft rebranded Office 365 as MS 365. They added a bunch of new features, including a new editing tool called Microsoft Editor.

This AI-powered editor reportedly expands on 365’s existing features in several ways:

  • Provides suggestions to improve sentence clarity
  • Estimates time to read or speak your document
  • Suggests alternate vocabulary or punctuation, and gender-neutral and inclusive terms
  • Reminds you when to use formal language
  • Helps identify plagiarism in your work, or lets you quickly provide citations if you’re the one writing

A number of those features already exist in most writing apps.  Others are paid features through services like Grammarly (which is pretty awful). And now Microsoft is going to make them available to paying 365 users.

Microsoft Editor started rolling out last week and should be available to all "by the end of April." It’s going to be available in Outlook, 354, and in both Chrome and Edge web browsers.

I can’t see it in the Chrome Web Store at the time I wrote this post, but I assume that will change at some point.

Microsoft via TNW

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