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Naruto eOneBook Dual-Screen Manga eReader is Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Originally launched about two years back, the eOneBook was a dual-screen ereader that shipped with the complete run of the manga title Fist of the North Star (that was it).

Earlier this month a new model launched on Kickstarter. Meet the Naruto eOneBook.

This ereader comes equipped with a pair of 7.8″ E-ink screens. (This is essentially the same screens as before, only the original model had extra trim around the screens that reduced the effective screen size to 7.55″.) It is powered by AAA batteries, and is equipped with page turn buttons but no touchscreen.

It will ship with the entire run of the manga Naruto, but unlike the original eOneBook you will not be limited to that one title. You will also be able to load other manga titles via SD cards, but you won’t be able to download them directly to the device because the Naruto eOneBook doesn’t have Wifi.

In fact, aside from the dual screens, there really isn’t much to the eOneBook. But the screens would appear to be enough to  get almost 300 backers to commit over $100,000 at $550 per unit.

Are you going to order one?


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Steve H. July 22, 2019 um 9:20 am

I actually have no desire to pay for two screens to try to replicate the experience of reading an actual book. This device seems unnecessarily overlarge.
For me, a good device with page turn buttons is actually easier to read than an actual book.

Chuck Dee July 22, 2019 um 10:43 am

For manga, this part would seem to be the draw of two screens:

Double-page spread like actual manga books

Very often in comics, the panels actually are on both pages. With turning the pages, you don’t get the full effect. Not sure how much the full Naruto series adds to people that want it, but it seems overpriced for what it is.

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