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PaPiRus from Pervasive Displays Adds an E-ink Screen to a Raspberry Pi

PaPiRus pervasive displaysBetween the screens offered by Embedded Artists and ADAFruit, and the e-Paper Hat which showed up on Kickstarter last month, there’s no shortage of ways to add E-ink screens to a raspberry Pi (you can even use a Kindle). And now Pervasive Display is getting in to the market.

I just got an email from Pervasive Display which tipped me to the news that its new partner, Pi Supply, had developed a new screen component for the Raspberry Pi.

The PaPiRus is an epaper Hat which mounts on top of the Raspberry Pi in order to give it a close-fitting screen option. It quietly launched as a Kickstarter campaign last week, and has already exceeded its funding goal.

The PaPiRus is not the first epaper Hat for the Raspberry Pi but it is arguably the better. Both the e-Paper Hat (which crossed my desk last month) and the PaPiRus have a battery and switches, and they both work with the RePaper open source DIY code, but that’s about all they have in common.

They do look similar, though:

The PaPiRus has 4 switches above the screen (compared to two on the e-Paper Hat), GPIO breakout connector and solder pads on the underside, and a digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog.

And as we can see when we flip the boards over, the PaPiRus (left) is the much more complicated design:

You can find the PaPiRus on Kickstarter. Depending on the funding level, it comes with one of three replaceable screen panels: 1.44″, 2″, and 2.7″ E-ink screen from Pervasive Displays (the e-Paper Hat only came with the 2.7″ screen).

It’s expected to ship in July 2015, or about a month ahead of the competition.

Thanks, Sjoerd!

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