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Pocketbook to Launch Waterproof eBook Reader, the Aqua

New ereader launches might be few and far between in the US but not in Europe. The Ukrainian ebook company Pocketbook has just revealed that they are planning to launch a water and dust resistant ebook reader called the Aqua.

aqua-thumb31The news came to light via an accidentally leaked press release, so details are still limited. But I do know that the Aqua will have a 6″ E-ink screen with a resolution of 600 x 800. It has a touchscreen but no frontlight, and it’s going to ship with 4GB Flash storage, Wifi. It will run Pocketbook’s reading software with its broad support for a variety of ebook formats.

I don’t have any details yet on the screen (and whether it too has been ruggedized), but early reports say that this ereader has a slightly modified design and is not just a regular model that has been dipped in a sealant. For one thing, the Aqua lacks a microSD card slot. This was sacrificed in order to reduce the number of weakpoints where water or dust might enter. The lack of a card slot will probably not be an issue for most readers – not unless you like to carry around a lot of PDFs.

With luck Pocketbook will also have seen fit to replace the standard 6″ screen with one that is more impact resistant. Most ereaders ship with a E-ink screen built on a glass backplane, which as I’m sure you know is easy to damage. A few, like the Earl back country tablet, use a slightly more expensive E-ink screens based on a plastic or  metal foil backplane. This makes the screen much more resistant to impact damage, and I am hoping that the Aqua will be equally rugged.

The Aqua is reportedly scheduled to ship in March 2014. There’s no information yet on the price or availability, but Pocketbook has revealed that the Aqua will meet the IP57 standard for dust and water resistance. This means that you should be able to submerge the Aqua in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes, and should the Aqua come in the way of a high pressure stream of water, the ebook reader will continue to function.

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Loïc February 27, 2014 um 10:57 am

Nice, but I still have to find a not reasonably water resistant e-reader. So far, none of my kindles or of my Sony Reader was affected by heavy rain. I guess that I long as you keep it almost vertical, no rain is able to enter the device.

Michael February 28, 2014 um 11:55 am

My friends who enjoy reading in the tub might find this appealing. I know at least one whose ereader died a drowning death.

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