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Updated: Pocketbook to Unveil Gingerbread Tablet This Week – But no Mirasol

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I’ve just gotten a tip from one of my contacts that Pocketbook are going to have a new tablet at IFA Berlin, a trade show that opens this weekend.

Update: I have new info from another source.¬† The image at right is supposed to be the Pocketbook A10, and it’s running on a 1GHz CPU.

Second Update: I now have info including a video from IFA. Check out this post.

It appears to have a camera and microphone on the upper right side, and the upper and lower dots are possibly speakers.

I couldn’t get the product’s name, but I was told that it has a 10″ screen and that it will be running Android v2.3. My source also said that the tablet will have page turn buttons (WTF) and that it will come with Wifi and optional¬† 3G. The price will be competitive. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures.But the announcement is only a few days away so there won’t be much of a wait.

Now, one thing my source didn’t mention was the Mirasol Reader that I knew they had been working on. Now that’s interesting. It’s probably a sign that they won’t be announcing it, but do you suppose it’s because the screen still isn’t ready or because they stopped development?

Either way, it’s a disappointment and it pushes the release date back again. IFA was the best best date (short of CES 2012) for Pocketbook to announce the Mirasol Reader.

I’ve been wanting to see Qualcomm’s Mirasol screen tech hit the market ever since I saw it at CES 2009. It was originally due out last fall, and it keeps getting delayed (again, again, and again).

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burger flipper August 29, 2011 um 5:59 pm

Anyone considering a pocketbook tablet might reflect on how they handled the IQ (their first android tablet). It was nothing more than a reskinned Pandigital Novel (first generation). They still charge 170 for it and never delivered the froyo update they promised from go. Also never fully ported their vaunted reading software over (also promised).

I love my Pandigital Novel (great bedtime reader). Most of all I love the value I got buying it for 60 bucks. I don’t think many people who bought the Pocketbook reskin feel the same way.

I’ll be stunned if this tablet is a good value.

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