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PoopFiction Picks the Perfect Prose For Your Bathroom Break

There are at least a dozen apps that can help you find your next read when you’re on the go, and now there’s a site that can help you find a story while you’re on the porcelain throne.

PoopFiction is a mobile site that promises to find you a story that will last as long as your time on the toilet. The stories are pulled from Project Gutenberg, and are all in the public domain, and the site offers a simple interface with only a few options:


This is a fun idea, but is it really going to see much use?

I mean, a dedicated reader will either have a book, ereader, smartphone, or another reading device when they’re going in to the restroom anyway (unless they’re the sanitary types that leave the gadgets outside). Any reading device will have a cornucopia of reading material (and possibly also other distractions like Twitter and Facebook), so there’s not much use for a site like PoopFiction.


image by majcher

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Kevin September 4, 2015 um 9:24 pm

Why is the little guy in the illustration wearing panty hose?

Nate Hoffelder September 4, 2015 um 9:48 pm

I think those are supposed to be his pants.

Kevin September 4, 2015 um 10:33 pm

Nah, definitely panty hose. (Since this is obviously the most important point of this article, we need to get it right.)

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