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PubSlush to Close on Friday as Acquisition Deal Falls Through

3744159600_eff0377c6a_bThe last-minute rescue of crowd-funding site PubSlush has fallen through at the last second, and the site will be closing at the end of the week.

About two months ago PubSlush abruptly announced that it was closing, followed a week later by the news that the platform was being acquired by Colborne Communications, a Toronto-based editorial services firm that planned to keep PubSlush open and later turn it into a services marketplace.

That deal has through, and PubSlush will be shutting down in three days.

Authors who want to crowd-fund their next work should turn their attention to  crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Pozible, or maybe even Inkshares or Pentian (two crowd-funded publishers).

publaunchAnd if authors aren’t in a hurry, they could also wait for the launch of PubLaunch in February 2016.

Greg Ioannou, president and founder of Colborne, isn’t giving up on the idea of providing a crowd-funding service to authors. He’s moved on from his plans to acquire PubSlush, and he now plans to start a new crowd-funding site.

PubLaunch will fill the same needs as PubSlush, and it will also do so much more. From the website:

PubLaunch will be far more than a crowdfunding site. It will become THE hub that connects readers, writers and trusted industry professionals with the people and services they need to get books published.

PubLaunch has only one goal: getting books published.

PubLaunch does this in two ways:

  • Crowdfunding for books.
  • Connecting people: Putting writers in touch with professionals they can trust to produce their books, and connecting the professionals with each other.

Basically, PubLaunch will fill all the same roles that Ioannou planned to add to PubSlush after he bought it. In addition to crowd-funding, it will be a services marketplace where authors can hire the services they need to bring their manuscript to market.

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