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Review: Ematic EGQ307 Android Tablet Has Impressive Specs But –

Ematic is aematic-egq307-front-colors[1] budget tablet maker that has been kicking around longer than most. They shipped their first Android tablet in 2011 and went on to release over a dozen models in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 7″ to a 13.3″ monstrosity (including a funky Kindle clone).

Some tablets were decent while others were atrocious, but you generally didn’t know which category an Ematic tablet fell into until you got your hands on it.

And that brings me to the EGQ307.

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When Ematic announced the EGQ307 the week before last I was deeply curious how they managed to get a quad-core CPU, decent resolution screen, and otherwise acceptable specs in a tablet that cost less than $100.

It turns out that they cut a lot of corners, resulting in a tablet that some users swear by while others report worrisome hardware failures.


The EGQ307 is your standard Android tablet, 7 inch, one of.  It has the usual glossy front as well as a matte rear shell that attracts fingerprint grease. The one speaker is on the back, and the VGA webcam is on the front upper right corner. All of the ports and the card slot are on the right edge and include an HDMI port, microSD card slot, headphone jack, microphone, and more.

This tablet is running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on a quad-core 1.2GHz Allwinner CPU. I know that the listed specs say that the clock speed is 1.5GHz, but the benchmark test disagrees.The Antutu test also confirmed that the EGQ307 has a dual-core graphics chip as well as 1GB RAM, and 4.9GB of accessible internal storage.

I found the EGQ307 easy to hold in one hand. It’s smaller than your average 7″ Android tablet, and it also weighs less. At first glance the general build quality and appearance is good, but I have some issues when I turn the tablet on.


This tablet has a 7″ screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. That screen resolution is not uncommon among sub-$100 Android tablets; I know of a couple other models with similar screen resolutions.

What sets this screen apart is that it is much lower quality than its competition.The backlight is about middling bright but lacks the ability to reach either dim or a flashlight level of brightness.

The viewing angle is narrow; you can turn the tablet (at most) 10% to 15% in any direction before losing color quality.  The image will still be  fully visible, though, even though the you might have trouble making out certain details because the color is off.

The screen is also unpleasant to look at; it has some undefinable quality that makes me want to turn my eyes away. I know that is not terribly specific but TBH this is the first time I have had this issue since playing with a 3d tablet at CES 2013.

And as I sit here writing the review, I have noticed that I can see a grid of fine lines on the screen. I’m guessing that this is the touchscreen component. That should not be visible, and the fact that it is tells me that this tablet suffers from a serious manufacturing defect – possibly due to the subcontractor cutting corners to reduce cost.

All in all, the screen alone is enough of a reason to avoid this tablet.


The VGA webcam was the one redeeming quality on this tablet. The image resolution may be  low, but the image quality was relatively good when compared to what can be found on similarly priced tablets. You won’t be using this tablet for photography, but if you like to videochat the other party will be able to recognize you.


The EGQ307 is specced at 4 and a half hours of battery life; I was never able to use it long enough to confirm this. And since the battery can’t hold a charge when the tablet is asleep I don’t care to, either.

In short, battery life was terrible. Over the course of the week, this tablet managed to run out of battery life while on standby no less than 3 times. I would often put it on my night table only to discover that the battery had run down in just over 6 hours of non-use.

This is a not uncommon problem with Ematic and other cheap tablets; even some Hisense Sero 7 Pro units exhibit a similar problem. But just because this problem is common doesn’t mean it is something to be endured.


The EGQ307 is running a stock version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. So far as I can see it has not bee customuzed beyond the addition of a few apps.

It ships with Google Play and the usual suite of Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, Google Maps. There’s also the stock Android apps like the email client, file manager, gallery, camera, and media players. Ematic has also added apps for Nook, Evernote, Pogoplug (5GB of free online storage), and Kingsoft Office.

Audio & Video

Video performance was a mixed bag. While this tablet is capable of playing a 720p video without skipping frames or the sound losing sync, Youtube performance left a lot to be desired.

This tablet was unable to play anything other than low resolution Youtube videos without pausing a couple times. This is more of a problem with its ability to download and buffer the video than play the video, but it’s still an issue.

The sound quality (from the single speaker on the rear of the tablet) was generally good for spoken words, but not so good at catching the nuances in music. But that is to be expected from a cheap tablet.


Screenshot_2013-12-01-13-51-42I’ve used this tablet for a week now and its performance is not bad. It’s also not great – not like the Hisense Sero 7 Pro (which costs $30 more). The EGQ307 is reasonably zippy for a sub-$100 Android tablet but it is also not significantly more powerful than competing tablets featuring a dual-core CPU.

In some ways it is also laggy. For example, this tablet can take a couple seconds to wake up after I press the power button. Download speed would best be described as unexceptional; this unfortunately affected Youtube performance .

And app loading time is also somewhat slower than I have seen on other budget tablets. Angry Birds was noticeably laggy at times, which affected the animation and the load times. This last point is particularly important because I have generally been satisfied with playing Angry Birds on other budget tablets.

The EGQ307 scored 12006 on the Antutu benchmark test. That’s both good and bad; it’s a higher score than Ematic’s last tablet, the dual-core EM63, but it is also a lower score than the ClickN Kids Tablet. It confirms that the EGQ307 doesn’t gain anything from the quad-core CPU other than hype.


ematic egq07Now I know. Ematic cut a lot of corners to make the $99 price point, and the result is a quad-core tablet that I would rate lower than many dual-core tablets.

This tablet’s quad-core CPU was eye-catching, but the benchmark test doesn’t live up to the promise of the specs and actually rated lower than some dual-core tablets. The VGA webcam was fairly good, and the general performance and responsiveness was about what I have seen on other tablets in this price range.

And then there’s the screen, which I can’t stand. It has a narrow viewing angle, but more importantly the screen on the EGQ307 has some undefinable quality that repels me. I cannot explain it other than to state that I don’t want to use it.

The battery was also disappointing; it ran down while on standby and drained itself within 6 hours.

In short, there is little to recommend this tablet over lower priced Android tablets with dual-core CPUs.

Where to Buy


  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • CPU: 1.2GHz Allwinner A31 quad-core
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX 544MP dual-core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 7″ (1024 x 600) screen
  • 8GB Flash storage (4.9GB accessible)
  • microSD card slot
  • speaker, microphone, headphone jack
  • VGA webcam
  • g-sensor
  • HDMI out
  • Weight: 321 grams
  • Dimensions: 7.58″ x 0.45″ x 4.6″


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Tim E. December 3, 2013 um 8:48 pm

Nate, Which 7″ tablet under $100 would you recommend if not this one?

Nate Hoffelder December 3, 2013 um 8:59 pm

I would like to say the Hisense Sero 7 LT, but I have not put my hands on it so i don’t know.

It’s funny you should ask for a recommendation, because I just revised my review of the Ematic EM63. Of the several tablets I have tried, it is the one I recommend as the best value:

It’s not a great tablet but I have tried so far.

Dimo January 12, 2014 um 11:38 pm

I would highly recommend this tablet. its cheap. and good all around. the reflection in the screen is a bit weird but you get used to it. the battery is amazing. i’ve had it on standby FOR over 5 DAYS and its just at 9% now. runs smoothly, but cant download too many apps because the tablet is new its not compatible with the games software yet. i’m not a brainwashed consumer. this review was COMPLETE BULL S***T and I know my stuff when it comes to electronics. this is without a doubt an amazing tablet price vs performance wise.

Rob February 27, 2014 um 8:33 pm

Actually he is right on the money. These tablets suck. I bought 4 and 2 have had the famous faulty usb ports that ematic is trying to convince people is a battery issue. Customer service is a joke at best as I have been fighting for over a month for them to take these 4 useless paper weights from me. Nothing but garbage.

Dave May 1, 2014 um 11:42 pm


your right about the cheep USB ports. Mine is propped just the right way to try to get it to charge…maybe, maybe not. Looking to go to there Customer service & probably wind up doing the same as you.

Cody James August 31, 2014 um 11:29 am

Thanks Dude! Im glad to know I justspent money on something worthful!

Mr Vanders December 6, 2013 um 5:16 pm

This review is bad! Many of the gripes you point out is false! Or maybe you have a defective model.

I received my EGQ307 five days ago. When I added the tablet to my network, I noticed the downloading of apps was extremely slow. I was disappointed to say the least. But I refused to believe that a quad core tablet with a 4.2 Android OS could be this slow. So I tried everything I can think of to tweak the settings. I then went online to get some kind of information, hoping to improve the download speed before I gave up and considered it a lost $90. The response time was also horrible. I stumbled upon your review and after reading it, I became somewhat discouraged. Fortunately, I figured out what the problem was and the downloading speed improved dramatically. The response time was immediate and I had a sigh of relief. It now felt like a working tablet after a few more tweaks with the settings. I noted key things you mentioned in your review, most notably the battery drain while on stand by. I took my tablet off the charger once it was fully charged. I went to bed and woke up 8 hours later to find that the battery was at 100%. That was the first test. The next test was to bring it to work with no wifi. After 6 hours on stand by with no wifi on, the battery was still at 100%. That prompt me to write this.

The other critical things you mentioned such as the screen and audio, seemed too critical. The way this device was downplayed to compare it to a tablet designed for kids, I just didn’t believe you was objective at all.

Prior to purchasing this tablet, I spent a week working with the iPad that belonged to a relative. Even with specs advertised for the EGQ, most notably the quad core processor with 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, I knew that the tablet was no iPad. I tempered my expectations a great deal before committing. After all, it’s a $90 device compared to the popular $400 iPad or Galaxy. And after some time with the tablet, I can proudly say that the drop off in performance was not as noticeable. Even though I did not run any benchmark tests like you have, the response time, download speed, and video playback (YouTube, stock video player) was more than acceptable.

If I had stumbled upon this review prior to purchase, I would have missed on such a great tablet that I consider a steal for $90! While it isn’t a popular iPad with the extra bells and whistles, it is a suitable piece of device. If anyone wants to purchase an inexpensive tablet not named iPad or Galaxy, I recommend the EGQ307! Good day!

Nate Hoffelder December 6, 2013 um 5:31 pm

What was the trick you used to fix the battery life? I’m always willing to learn.

Mr Vanders December 7, 2013 um 2:00 pm

In my experience with several android devices, I have learned that battery drains usually results from apps running in the background. With all these android devices having apps and bloatware pre installed, the best tip I’d give anyone is simply disable them. Run your app manager, select app and force stop them, clear data and cache, then disable. That bloatware is no longer active and should not appear in your apps menu. Another tip, is leaving any auto sync features unchecked. This is by preference as many would want notifications for emails and app updates. Because I check them frequently, I won’t miss any key updates. Enabling power save and only performing actions when active on Wi-Fi, this has helped tremendously with battery. I’ve been using this tablet extensively and noticed the battery initial drained in 1% increments after 15-20 min of use. A casual user won’t do this, however, to take advantage of a full charge, I’d recommend these battery saving tips. Hope this helps.

Nate Hoffelder December 8, 2013 um 10:57 am

I usually have sync turned off anyway. Your suggestion about killing the bloatware is good but I don’t think it will have any effect after you reboot. That step would need to be repeated. I think it better to find an app that does the same job.

Based on your criticism I am going to be proactive about fixing the mysterious battery drain issue. I’ve already revised one review with a note that the battery issue can be fixed by installing an app. Unfortunately I cannot change this review because I don’t have this tablet anymore.


Kristina December 6, 2013 um 11:41 pm

I would also like to know what the tricks are with the settings because I planned on buying this tablet.

Nate Hoffelder December 7, 2013 um 9:43 am

(I usually respond to someone telling me I screwed up by trying to fix it.)

An app called Battery doctor has helped fix a similar problem on my Sero 7 Pro. It went from losing power over night to simply draining faster than I would like.

Unfortunately that app is not compatible with my other Ematic tablet. I don’t know if it will work on the EGQ307.

Mr Vanders December 7, 2013 um 2:04 pm

The initial problem I was having was the apps downloading slowly. When you go into any Google account settings, uncheck any auto sync features. BT preference, I do this and manually sync emails and/or updates. I hope this answers your questions.

Joe December 15, 2013 um 4:06 pm

I had bought this piece of crap and returned it after the first week and spent an extra $30 and bought the ASUS MEMO 7 HD for $129.00 at staples,ten times better,and 10 hour battery life,bottom line its worth spent the small amount of $30 and you get ALOT better tablet!

Randy T March 6, 2014 um 3:15 pm

I bought a MemoPad HD and had to take it back because the SD card would unmount and remount destroying any data on it every five minutes.

Sigra December 19, 2013 um 2:47 pm

I bought 3 of theses tablets after rooting them and upgrading to latest andriod the quadcore and battery life blow away samsung g3 for speed and battery life..I paid 79 bucks…only comes with 4 gig flash and box says 8 so i went walmart and talk to manager and they gave me 3 16 gig sdram cards for each.

The speakers are awesome. camera is only in front and low M but i bought it for a tablet not a camera. 79 bucks which now has 20gig almost of storage…best investment i had in long time..i got green blue and pink…soft skin beautiful colors.

Nate Hoffelder December 19, 2013 um 2:59 pm

It’s a pity that the tablet aren’t any good out of the box, forcing you to put quite a few hours of work into them.Personally, I think buying a better tablet presents a better value than the hours you invested.

Joe Cooling December 21, 2013 um 12:11 pm

Rooting doesn’t take hours, I haven’t rooted one of these personally, Yet, however rooting a phone or tablet or what have you takes 15 minutes tops. 80 bucks for a tablet with an hd screen and vanilla android is great for kids or older people. You’re reviewing this as if it’ll be some professional using it, however anybody in their right mind knows that you get pretty much what you pay for,you’re expecting nexus 7 performance out of a budget tablet from a little known brand. I’d say this tablet is great for kids and adults with simple needs. Keep in mind a nook simple touch is about the same price as this tablet. though I give you that it probably doesn’t live up to its "specs" this thing is a great tablet for the price and very simple clean introduction to android

Nate Hoffelder December 21, 2013 um 12:47 pm

One detail you may have missed is that the previous commenter said "and upgrading to latest andriod". That does take time.

And no, I don’t expect performance on the level of the 2013 Nexus 7. My standards are a lot lower than that, but the thing is, tablets with a dual-core CPU meet those standards just as well as tablets with quad-core CPUs. The extra cores do not matter.

I have now reviewed a couple tablets with a quad-core CPU (the other is the Hisense Sero 7 Pro) as well as a number of tablets with dual-core CPUs.The general performance of the tablets are close enough that some of the dual-core tablets are actually better than this tablet.

Do you know the kicker? When I reviewed the Sero 7 pro I set it next to the HP Mesquite, which has a single core Intel CPU. The Mesquite was the more responsive tablet in several different ways, including loading and playing Angry birds.

And that is why I am not impressed with this tablet. The quad-core CPU doesn’t add anything and this tablet isn’t really any better than the dozen other tablets in this price range. And since my screen was defective I am fine with recommending that someone buy a different tablet.

In case you’re interested, here’s the review of the Sero 7 Pro:

JimWebb March 29, 2014 um 1:10 am

I would like to root an Ematic 7″ HD Quad Core tablet. How do I do so?
Thanks, [email protected]

Frank May 3, 2014 um 1:15 am

You have to go into settings, about tablet…Go to BUILD NUMBER and keep tapping it repeatedly. This will then give you the developer options, which is necessary to root it

ALRP March 23, 2015 um 12:09 am

Manufacturer: Ematic
Model number: EGQ327M
Android version: 4.2.2
Build number: JDQ39.20131111.115554.V006
Kernel version: 3.4.0+
Description: 7″, 8GB

Please heeelp! I wish to root my device with Superuser, but need to know if it is even possible to do, since I did not found information about rooting it. I really like Superuser and used it on other devices… Thankx!! I did tap on Build Number, and read, your are a developer, but what to do next to root it?

cortney December 27, 2013 um 8:44 pm

I just got the tablet and I like it my only main problem is when I use headphones or earphones music sounds fine but when people talk its very very quiet is there some kind of settings I can change or something?

Nate Hoffelder December 27, 2013 um 9:23 pm

I don’t have that tablet in front of me but I can give a suggestion based on the several tablets I reviewed.

Most of the tablets had a second volume control menu that let you set separate volume for music and for speech. You can access that second menu by first bringing up the volume slider bar and pressing the button on the end.

The screenshot below should offer more detail:

Morgan December 30, 2013 um 11:25 pm

I just bought a Ematic Quad Core Tablet EGQ307 for my daughter for Christmas. For some reason it seems to have stopped taking a charge from the wall charger it came with. I went and purchased a new charger from Walmart that is compatible with this tablet and it still will not charge. Is there something I can do to get it to charge or do I just need to return it?

Nate Hoffelder December 30, 2013 um 11:28 pm

It should work with any basic USB charger. Your tablet is probably defective, sorry.

Cindy January 21, 2014 um 7:04 pm

I bought 3 of these tablets as Christmas gifts and Im very disappointed to say that all three will no longer take a charge after less than a month of use! I have tried several different chargers and have also tried to reset, with no luck at all. Any suggestions?

Nate Hoffelder January 21, 2014 um 7:09 pm

I would file a warranty complaint with Ematic. It sounds to me like the batteries or the charging circuits are defective.

talon1812 January 3, 2014 um 7:49 pm

There are NO options for developer options to set usb de-bugging to root this SOB.

Frank January 22, 2014 um 3:10 am

Oh Lord,
You have to go into settings, about tablet…Go to BUILD NUMBER and keep tapping it repeatedly. This will then give you the developer options, which is necessary to root it. I bought this for a friend, rooted it in 2 minutes, once I found that option. She loves it and says the sound blasts her out of the room it’s so loud. Didn’t notice it being all that loud when I rooted it and installed apps before giving it to her. She loves it, though.

Mr Vanders January 22, 2014 um 2:45 pm

Frank, you’re a life saver, I was wondering why this tablet didn’t have dev options. I don’t really root but having it was necessary. Great tip!

It’s been over a month now, and I have virtually no complaints about the tablet. I’d keep it on, leave it, go to work, come back to find only about 2-3% has been drained. The battery is working better than expected.

I am very sorry to hear many others experiencing issues with this tablet. I guess I got lucky. I’ll keep everyone posted should anything change.

talon1812 July 20, 2014 um 6:20 am

Well, this was a Christmas present for my friend. After 5 months, it just started shutting off. Battery won’t charge. Wal-Mart website says it has a 1-year warranty. Tech Support finally answered and said it’s a 3-month warranty. Have to pay $40 for parts and labor to fix their piece of junk.
Ordered another from, put the old one in the new box and returned the piece of crap. The second one says battery is 100% constantly, even after being on for 4 hours. I don’t know what’s this issue with the battery/power situation with this piece of junk. Wal-Mart should be embarrassed selling this hunk of junk.
Seems like you get what you pay for. I have several tablets, but read great reviews on the Sero 7 PRO. Bought one at Wally World and it IS a wonderful tablet. Competes with the Nexus 7. Maybe NOT as high screen resolution, but the rest of the specs beat it.
I’ve had NO problems with it.

Jeff D November 9, 2014 um 1:12 pm

Frank, I have a similar model (EGQ327M-SL) that I’d like to root. I’ve already rooted another tablet, but this one is for someone else. could you tell me how I can root this one? I don’t see anything for the tablet myself, but perhaps you know of a site. btw I already enabled usb debugging.

monique January 27, 2014 um 6:49 pm

I have unfortunately experienced the tablet failing to charge after just one month. We bought this tor our 7 year old daughter for Christmas. She loved it. It just stopped charging today. I have emailed ematic, Facebooked them and called. There is only a recording to choose an option but then it just rings and rings. No one has replied to my email. We are leaving on a trip on Feb 5. My daughter downloaded all her favorite music and videos and movies and apps. She’s very sad. I’m very disappointed in this company. Also her battery life did not last long and the turned it off all the time when not in use.

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Joe February 28, 2014 um 3:08 pm

I purchased two of these for my kids for $99 and they seem to work well after updating the apps. The problem I’m having is trying to download the apps for any US airline (delta, US air, American). No indication why they are incompatible. How can I find out why they are incompatible. What is more worrying is how many other apps might be incompatible with this tablet and why.

curiosity droid?. March 26, 2014 um 12:45 am

I too had an ematic 7′ and many other budgets,big difference in the pro opposed to he light! you can’t even load a single game like /airborne8 ,and that’s after uninstalling allthe bloat! but the pro kicks as#@$,, plus simple to root and thanks to xXDAand cwmit has so many rRoms ,,tic TAC do pa, and 4 12 cores! if you use device I’d app its visible,and with the dopa0oc kernel,my sero ,burns my bros I phone and my sons galaxy!!! I couldn’t believe it,but true,,,,,,and picture quality is great also the front can. this a flash and awesome HD pics,best budget out there!!

Yolandria Henderson July 19, 2014 um 10:17 pm

This tablet is very basic. This is my 2nd purchase and I’m having the same problem as the 1st one – it keeps cutting off. I had to return the 1st one and received a better one without any problems. Therefore, I thought I was safe getting my other son one and figured the first time we just got a bad one. Well, my other son is having the same problem. Now I have to send his birthday present back and he can’t enjoy it for his birthday. Not happy at all, for the 2nd time.

penguinx64 August 29, 2014 um 3:12 am

I have the Ematic 7 inch quad core tablet. It’s ok for a cheap 7 inch tablet with 8gb of storage, but there is one problem. The amount of storage allocated to installing apps is less than 1gb in the /data partition. It’s not just this tablet, other 7 inch tablets have even smaller partitions to install apps. There is a usless internal /sdcard partiton that takes up half of the 8gb storage. You can’t install apps there. You can also add an external SD card for 32gb more storage, but you can’t install apps there either. So, you are stuck with less than 1gb of space and error messages about storage space running low.

Oh yeah, about the Quad Core processor. It’s really 2 processors, a dual core A9 and a slower dual core A5 to save power. So, it’s really a 2+2 core processor, instead of a Quad Core. I was expecting this tablet to be faster. Sure, it’s faster than a single core 7 inch Nextbook, but not much. Boot time is very slow.

jeanna October 26, 2014 um 1:09 pm

So how did you install apps having problems getting anything

Choppergirl March 20, 2015 um 12:54 am

You can put apps on the second Partition… You have to aggressively move everything you can to that second partition using an app called MoveToSD

Brian September 20, 2014 um 10:59 am

I agree 1000%, these tablets are completely worthless, cheap parts to sell a cheap tablet. My son received his for Christmas 2013 and has needed it replaced 2 times already ( power button stuck , could not power on.. then Software just cycled and would not boot up ) now we are waiting on a response after the 3rd tablet died and will not power on at all! And they ignored 2 requests from me on their website after I filled out the forms and uploaded my receipt for proof of purchase….etc . So after almost 2 months I filed a complaint with the BBB, and so far no response from Ematic after the 1st 14 day period.I’m suppose to hear back from BBB in 10 days, have a feeling it will be pointless. In 9 months of ownership I think my son has been able to use this so called tablet no more than 4 months total. Worse company and customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

CHOPPERGIRL November 30, 2014 um 6:13 pm

I wrote a basic FAQ page for this tablet here:

Sharon Caldwell December 4, 2014 um 1:39 pm

I have only had this tablet for a short time after receiving this as a birthday gift. I have been mostly satisfied by it’s load time and the behavior of the tablet.The main question is, If this was’nt a gift would I have bought this tablet based on the reviews I have read? The answer so far is yes.

D Ann Martin December 26, 2014 um 5:02 pm

I received the Ematic tablet for Christmas and am enjoying the easy set up process. I recommend this tablet.

Jenn December 28, 2014 um 5:53 pm

I bought a universal Bluetooth tablet keyboard, brand TZUMI, and have been trying to sync them together so my son has a small 'laptop' but there is no Bluetooth button on the tablet ? Can the EMATIC 7″Quad Core Tablet EGQ307 be connected to a universal keyboard???

Nate Hoffelder December 28, 2014 um 6:42 pm

There’s no Bluetooth on this tablet, no.

Josiah Horfman January 2, 2015 um 10:25 pm

Got it for christmas worked for about a week turned it off at full battery it wont turn on now it just turns blue then shuts down if you know how to fix that please tell me

Nate Hoffelder January 2, 2015 um 10:26 pm

It sounds like a hardware failure.

If you are feeling lucky you could buy a replacement and then return this one in its place.

Josiah Horfman January 2, 2015 um 10:56 pm

thanks ill do that hope it works

Pamela Cueva February 6, 2015 um 8:56 pm

I am an older user. I am not computer savvy by any means. I bought one of these tablets to tinker around on. It worked fine to start with. I was playing a game one day when the tablet cut off. I thought the battery was dead so I hooked up the charger, but, it was at 79 percent. The ematic logo was on the screen, but the tablet wouldn’t turn on or off. I set it down for a few minutes and when I picked it up again, it was off and came back on. Now, it tells me that my apps aren’t installed. NOTHING will work. If I get it to go to a browser,I can type in to install any app and it will say it’s already installed. I do not know what to do to it or why it did this.

Cheryl Burton February 11, 2015 um 9:56 pm

Kinda upset that the camera is only for selfies and video chat.

Laura LaRose February 13, 2015 um 11:07 pm

Ematic Product Review:
I really enjoy my new Ematic 7 tablet, model EGQ307 Quadcore A31 Series. This is my first tablet and I am happy with this model and brand. i would recommend this to my friends and family.

Rob March 22, 2015 um 11:56 am

Is it possible to connect this tablet to my stereo… thus allowing me to listen to the tablet’s streaming music from my stereo system?

Nate Hoffelder March 22, 2015 um 12:23 pm

How good is your stereo? Some have Wifi, and that could enable you to stream wirelessly.

There’s also the wired option. I do believe this tablet has a headphone jack, so you could connect a cable between the tablet and an input port on your stero system. You’d need to buy the cable, though.

Mahagony March 30, 2015 um 5:35 pm

Im not happy with this tablet at all I don’t charg my tablet for sixhours and the last day it stared miss u

Linda Darlene May 12, 2016 um 12:32 pm

I Love this tablet to me it’s great and fantastic for my price .If everybody don’t like it hive it away or sale it for what you can.Quit complaining . Just because you can write review. Sincerely, Linda D.

Tim July 2, 2016 um 10:40 am

Works as well as other Android based tablet I have owned except audio maximum volume is lower

Ray Yuen July 19, 2016 um 10:40 pm

Ematic EWT8268K, a 8″ tablet with keyboard. It was listed for $89.99. It can be used as an ipad or a very handy laptop computer, extremely light weight, good for travelling. It has the handwriting keyboard feature. High resolution 1280 X 800. Pretty good product for the price.

Alfredo Gutierrez July 22, 2016 um 1:36 pm

Nate I have the EGQ223 9 inch tablet and so far its okay but I’ve recently run into one little problem. I tried to download the bank of America app but instead of getting an install button I get this message " Your device is not compatible with this app". I’ve talked with the bank about this and they can’t figure it out either. Any ideas?

Terrie Sisk July 27, 2016 um 10:20 pm

I bought an ematic 10 inch touchscreen tablet. This is a very horrible product. Beware don’t waste your money. The battery won’t stay charged and it continuously updates

Deborah Anderson August 29, 2016 um 11:42 am

Just bought this tablet , for my son!! He has had no issues or complaints… The battery life is outstanding

eric lewis November 27, 2016 um 4:59 pm

I purchased the ematic w/windows 10 this black friday 2016. I must admit for the price I didn’t expect very much. However, I must admit that this lil tablet is awesome! I use it for my non-profit organization for scheduling and what not. I needed something small that is like a laptop. This is exactly what I needed! \m/

Steven Stan May 22, 2017 um 2:42 am

I just purchased an Ematic 7.8 quad core tablet at Fry’s electronics. For the price I’m more than pleased. My main purpose for the tablet was to watch Netflix on something larger than my phone. I feel it was money well spent. I’ve never heard of this brand but like I said for the price I’m more than pleased.

Gracie Guerra June 7, 2017 um 1:04 am

Csn anyone give me warranty contact information about the company for Ematic model #EGQ307

Pamela Howe February 17, 2018 um 11:54 pm

So hey I got one of these tablets…it doesn’t have blue tooth a take it….

Pamela Howe February 18, 2018 um 12:39 pm

So hey I’m told there is blue tooth in this ematic tablet and I have looked everywhere and can not find it.

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