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Sony Readers updated, apps coming this fall

Update: The Sony Style product page has been updated.


Do you recall that job listing I showed you a few weeks back that specified Android experience? Sony wanted someone to work on the apps, not a Sony Reader running Android. They’re going to release Sony Reader apps for Android and iOS in November, and new PC and Mac apps in December.

New markets

They’re expanding this year into Spain, Italy, and Australia. Later expansion will include China and Japan.


There won’t be any firmware updates for the current models, and the new models will not be getting the new DRM that B&N are using.

Now let’s talk about the hardware. All 3 ereaders have been updated. They’re all getting the new Pearl screen and a bump in Flash storage. Also, the touchscreen component has been improved, I’m told. It’s supposed to be a lot better than the current screens. All 3 models will also have 12 dictionaries (2 English, 12 translation).

First, the hints about PRS-950 that I showed you a week ago are confirmed. Sony did update the Daily Edition with the new Pearl screen and Wifi. It’s also getting a boost in Flash (4GB), and it’s keeping the dual card slots.

They’ve boosted the battery life (27 days standby). Retail hasn’t changed, unfortunately. It’s still $299.

Next we have the Sony Touch Edition. It has the same general size and shape as its predecessor, and it kept the dual card slots. It also got the new Pearl screen and a bump to 2GB Flash. It won’t be getting the Wifi.

This one’s shipping immediately. and the retail is $229.

Last, we have the new Sony Pocket. We already knew from the leaked photos a couple weeks ago that it had a touch screen. But now I can tell you that it still lacks the card slots, but it does have the new screen and 2GB Flash. And since it now has a touchscreen, it will also the note taking and highlighting abilities of the Touch Edition.

It’s shipping immediately, and the retail is $179.

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fjtorres September 1, 2010 um 7:17 am

The Pocket looks decent. At a street price of $149 it’ll likely do well. The others? I dunno. The touch edition is going to need *major* discounting to be competitive even with its own sibling, never mind the rest of the planet. And that’s assuming the touchscreen doesn’t bring the Pearl screen down to Vizplex levels.
The 950 remains interesting but pricey.
It looks like, as usual, Sony is still over-valuing their tech and assuming their brand-name will see them through.
If this is what their cost structure allows, they should’ve dropped the Touch Edition and gone with the Pocket Edition and the Daily Edition.
What did Meat Loaf say? "Two out of three ain’t bad?" Too bad the big miss comes right in the heart of the business.
B&N must be real happy today.

Richard Adin September 1, 2010 um 8:27 am

I am greatly interested in the 950 but the lack of the updating to the B&N DRM may well end up being a deal breaker for me. FWIW, I wrote Sony customer care about it. I doubt it will make any difference but if enough of us who are interested complain, perhaps they will do the update.

Devini September 1, 2010 um 8:43 am

Will they all be available in Canada? Or, just the USA.

Nate the great September 1, 2010 um 8:53 am

They will be available everywhere.

SkyDream September 1, 2010 um 9:00 am

PRS-900 isn’t available in Germany and PRS-950 won’t be too; US isn’t the world. There are lots of countries where Sony e-readers aren’t available locally.

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Danny September 1, 2010 um 9:13 am

Goodbye Sony… hello Nook and Kindle3!

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Drang September 3, 2010 um 11:40 am

Maybe Sony learned nothing from the demise of Betamax…

frankr September 3, 2010 um 8:27 pm

Will the prs-650 support folders?

Nate the great September 3, 2010 um 8:41 pm

I don’t think so. It’s not mentioned in the manual.

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