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Personal Development

Below you find all articles from our Personal Development section at a glance.

Forest bathing: 6 tips for new strength from nature

Long walks in nature are healing and have a positive effect on your well-being. This has been scientifically proven. Intuitively, people are also drawn to nature for various ailments. Forest bathing plays with this phenomenon. We’ll tell you what forest bathing is and exactly how it works.

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Extrovert: 15 traits & 5 benefits of extraversion

Extrovert people often appear more attractive, smarter and are more popular at work. But the open character does not only have advantages. We’ll show you which character traits go hand in hand with extraversion, what advantages and disadvantages there are, and how to tell if you’re an extrovert.

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Decision making: 9 tips & 5 simple methods

A person makes countless decisions during the day. These include serious decisions such as the choice of profession, and everyday decisions such as the choice of clothing and breakfast. We have valuable tips regarding decision making for you in the following.

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Melancholy: 6 benefits & 5 tips for real melancholia

Melancholy is a mood characterized by melancholy, sadness and thoughtfulness. However, this often negative mood does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. We’ll explain what melancholy is, what its benefits are, and what you can do when you’re truly melancholy.

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Values: 5 types + list of values with 25 examples

Values, changing values, moral principles and ethics are just a few terms from the field of value concepts that constantly crop up in general language usage. Often it is not at all clear what the terms mean exactly. Below we explain what values are and how they come about.

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