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Positive affirmations: 70 daily self-affirmations for every occasion

Positive affirmations are an effective method to make changes successfully. The self-affirming sentences help you to make wishes become reality and to think more positively. Find out exactly how this works and which affirmations you can best use here.

Positive affirmations are used to give you a more optimistic view of yourself and the world. You can recite them yourself every morning, or you can write them in your journal.

70 positive affirmations for every occasion

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Positive self-affirmations for every occasion

To help you try out some affirmations, we have put together some statements for you for each subject area.

You can take the affirmations or use them as a guideline and put together your own affirmations.

The important thing is that they fit your individual goal and that you concentrate on a few statements. So nothing stands in the way of a positive life change.


Affirmations can have a positive effect on your body awareness. They help you feel more connected to your body again. You can recharge your batteries and go through life healthier.

  1. I love every cell in my body.
  2. I pay attention to my body’s needs.
  3. With each passing day, my body becomes more enduring, stronger, and more agile.
  4. My mind and my body are one.
  5. I give my body what it needs.
  6. Every day I feel more and more connected to my body.
  7. Every breath gives me new strength.
  8. I feel the healing energy in my body.
  9. I treat my body the way it deserves.
  10. I feel fit and vital.


Affirmations are also suitable when it comes to money, so that you do not lose sight of your goal. Whether you want to make more money or be more careful with your money, affirmations are suitable to focus your attention on this issue and change your behavior in relation to it.

  1. I enjoy making money.
  2. I can be careful with money.
  3. I am fortunate to be wealthy.
  4. I am well paid for my services.
  5. With each passing day, I earn more money.
  6. My life is full and rich.
  7. I deserve to live in prosperity.
  8. I have enough money to achieve my goals.
  9. I am good at making money.
  10. I work hard for my money.

Career and success

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Affirmations for career and success

If you want to make it in your professional life, affirmations are great for motivating you to succeed. They highlight your strengths and remind you that you have the skills to succeed.

  1. I deserve to be successful.
  2. I always do my best.
  3. Every day I get a little closer to success.
  4. I earn my success by right means.
  5. Everything I start can become a success.
  6. I work in my dream job.
  7. I deserve to succeed.
  8. I have the necessary resources and skills to be successful.
  9. I am creative and can successfully implement my ideas.
  10. I can get the best out of everything.

Self-love and positive thinking

Affirmations are particularly suitable if you want to work on your self-love. With their help, you can gain a positive self-image and focus on your positive thoughts. This way, you can boost your self-confidence and your self-esteem.

  1. I am valuable.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I love myself with all my faults and weaknesses.
  4. I can forgive myself and others.
  5. Every day I find it easier to accept myself as I am.
  6. Every day I believe more in myself and my abilities.
  7. I am allowed to have bad days and failures.
  8. I deserve to have people in my life who love me.
  9. I am ready to change my life.
  10. I know that I have a prosperous future ahead of me.

Partnership and family

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Positive affirmations for partnership and family

If you tend to enter into toxic relationships or suffer from attachment anxiety, you can use affirmations to work on these problems.

The important thing is to always start from yourself. With affirmations, you can change your thoughts, but not your partner’s.

You can’t do much with sentences like "My partner loves me more every day" or "My partner accepts me the way I am". Instead, try to work on your attitude.

  1. I am grateful for my loving partner and family.
  2. I attract into my life the people who are good for me.
  3. I can accept my partner for who he is.
  4. I deserve a loving and honest relationship.
  5. I know that I will find the person of my dreams.
  6. Day by day I can open up more to other people.
  7. I rely on the common ground with other people.
  8. I meet my partner full of love.
  9. I am interested in the concerns of other people.
  10. Every person in my life gives me the chance to learn something from them.

Lose weight

Some people use affirmations to help the dieting process. You can use affirmations to motivate yourself and create a more positive body image. This allows you to focus on the positive aspects of your diet.

  1. I feel that getting enough exercise and eating healthy is good for my body.
  2. I have the discipline to follow a diet.
  3. I can achieve my desired weight.
  4. I live healthy and balanced.
  5. From day to day I enjoy it more to move.
  6. I find it easy to maintain my weight.
  7. I feel good no matter what number the scale reads.
  8. I am proud of the successes I have already achieved.
  9. I am full of energy and drive.
  10. I feed my body conscientiously and give it what it needs.


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Affirmations to get more motivated

Whether you want to motivate yourself to lose weight, at work, or for a hobby, affirmations can increase and sustain your motivation.

Saying affirmations to yourself every morning on this topic can help you start the day productively and confidently. That way, you can take on any challenge. Motivation sayings can also help you with this.

  1. I have the ability to achieve anything I want.
  2. I have the ability to live my life as I see it.
  3. I have the strength to get through difficult times.
  4. Through my actions, I can empower others.
  5. Every day offers me the opportunity to work on myself.
  6. I can learn from my mistakes.
  7. Anything I achieve, I earn.
  8. I give my best every day.
  9. Everything I need, I already carry within me.
  10. I have the ability to overcome any hurdle.

Positive affirmations – a definition

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This is how affirmations work

Approximately 50,000 thoughts are thought by the average person per day. You’ve probably never really wondered how these affect you – whether they’re mainly positive or negative.

Many behavior patterns arise from these thoughts. They influence you consciously and unconsciously.

The world of thoughts is closely related to feelings and actions. So if it is possible to influence thoughts, chances are good to be able to change feelings and actions. This can be both to your advantage and to your disadvantage.

If you have a lot of negative thoughts, it will inevitably affect your feelings. This can lead to serious mental illnesses such as depression. That’s why it’s important to work on your outlook on life and self-love. Affirmations are an effective way to get a positive self-image and motivational thoughts.

Affirmations have a lot to do with visualization. By formulating a goal in your mind, you can visualize it more clearly, making you more aware of it. When you have a goal clearly in front of your eyes, it seems more real and therefore directly more tangible.

If you remember your goals and wishes again and again, you bring them into your present and change your attitude towards them in the long run. You are willing to work for your goals and are more positive about them. You believe that you can achieve your goals and desires.

How to best use affirmations: Dos & Don’ts

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How to apply affirmations the right way: Dos and Don’ts

This works best if you do affirmations daily in the morning or evening, because that’s when your subconscious mind is most receptive.

You can easily integrate affirmations into your everyday life, for example, you can recite them in front of the mirror in the morning or on your way to work. You can say them out loud or repeat them in your mind.

Of course, you can also write them down if saying an affirmation feels strange to you at first.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable at first about putting your goals and desires into words and saying them out loud. The more you use affirmations, the easier it will be for you to practice them.

Once you feel their positive effects, you’ll know that it was worth it to overcome your fear.

If you want to work on your self-love, you can increase the effect of the affirmations even more by applying them in front of the mirror. Try to withstand your gaze in the mirror.

If you avoid it, you probably don’t feel comfortable with your affirmation. This may be due to the fact that you still need to work on your self-love, on the other hand, you may have problems convincing yourself of the truth of the statement.

In this case, you should first start smaller and change it a little so that you can believe it more:

  • DON’T: "I believe in my persuasive abilities"
  • DO: "I believe more and more every day that I have skills that I can use to persuade."

The second variant seems more credible at first, because here you still include the possibility of an increase. You do not assume that you have already achieved the maximum possible, so you already believe in your abilities, but you convince yourself that you increase your belief in yourself from day to day.

It is important that you always formulate your affirmations positively. You ultimately want to get a positive self-image and a positive outcome from your statements.

However, if you formulate them negatively, you will only bring the bad to your mind. This can lead to a negative change in your emotional world. Thus, you achieve exactly the opposite of what you actually wanted to achieve:

  • DON’T: "I am not ugly."
  • DO: "I am beautiful just the way I am."

The first variant only clarifies how you actually feel and reminds you of your negative self-image. However, this image you want to change. Therefore, you should resort to the second variant, because this sentence puts the focus on the goal – you want to accept yourself as you are.

With your affirmation, you remind yourself daily of what you want to achieve – until you finally believe it.

Positive affirmations: Here’s what you should keep in mind

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What you should look for in affirmations

You can use affirmations for all kinds of occasions. Almost everyone is receptive to affirmations. However, their effectiveness depends on whether the chosen phrase fits your goal.

You should also be open to change. If you are not convinced that affirmations are effective or if you are not ready to solve your problem in the first place, a self-affirming phrase cannot do much.

To increase their effectiveness, you should also consciously take time to recite your affirmations. You can even make a little ritual out of it, pairing them with meditation or relaxation techniques.

Saying the phrases out loud improves their effectiveness. However, they work just as well if you write them down up to 30 times in a row. You could keep a small diary in which you write down all your affirmations.

You should also not overwhelm yourself. Don’t overload yourself with positive statements, but rather focus on a few statements so that they can be fully effective.

Think about which goals are most important to you, which problems you would like to solve first and choose the appropriate affirmations for these topics. Try out which statements you feel most comfortable with.

In summary, you should keep this in mind:

  • Looking for the appropriate phrase for your goal
  • Be open to change
  • Form a ritual
  • Focus on a few statements
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