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Taptu Secures new Funding, Plans to Release App Platform "Tapform"

The social news aggregator Taptu announced this morning that they had raised $3.5 million in their latest round of funding. They plan to use the new capital to develop their existing internal tools into an API for use by publishers, bloggers, and website owners.

Tapform is going to provide tools for third party for developers to make their own social news aggregation apps or add the Taptu-like abilities to existing apps.Taptu have reported that they have a deal with a publisher that should be announced this month and that they are working on other deals for Tapform.

Publishers can create highly visual streams around specific topics or present a filtered stream of stories based on keywords from a wide choice of sources including, but not limited to, websites, blogs and RSS. For example, a newspaper with an award-winning news section and blogs could create an app on that specific topic, creating streams of its own content, as well as bringing in additional content from other providers. Or, magazine publishers or blog owners with several titles could offer all of their properties in one place.

I guess the idea here is that Tapform will enable an ecosystem of related apps that will fill similar needs for focused news aggregation. It’s also supposed to  increase reader engagement and provide a potential source of advertising revenue for publishers.

I have an alternate use, actually. There are any number of news blogs that view themselves as communities, so what would happen if they integrated Tapform into their current site and truly became a community-led news blog? You could also build an app around the #eprdctn community on Twitter, or digital publishing in general.

It’s an interesting idea, no?

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Konstantinos September 8, 2011 um 10:27 am

I love your idea about the use of Tapform to power community led community blogs.

Happy to hear more about this if you would like to brainstorm with me.


Product @taptu

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