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Tweet-Archiving Service Storify is Shutting Down

Launched in 2010, Storify  was a service you could use to create a narrative by collecting tweets into a single web page.

The service just announced it is going to shut down on 18 May, 2018.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed stories to our Storify community. Unfortunately, we are no longer allowing new users to sign up and will end existing users' access to on May 16, 2018. We are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible. Please read the FAQ for more information.

It was a useful service, but to be honest Storify became redundant once Twitter started letting users respond to their own tweets. This let users make a chain of tweets and tell a longer narrative in multiple parts – which was most of the reason for Storify to exist. And then Twitter added the Moments tab, which further duplicated the features of Storify, and removed yet another reason to use its service.

I can’t say that I have used Storify more than a handful of times over the past seven years, but are you going to miss it?

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