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Visionect Launches New ePaper Development Kit

Got visionect-restaurant-menu-demo[1]an idea for a mobile device with an E-ink screen custom ebook reader and a few hundred dollars to spare? Then you should check out Visionect. This Slovenian startup is now showing off a thin client development kit based around an epaper screen.

Update: I’ve gotten an email from Visionect and it appears I misunderstood their product. It’s not intended to be used to develop a stand-along device. Instead the screen unit has always been intended to work as a thin client and or wireless monitor.

While there are numerous kits based on smaller E-ink screens, this the first readily available kit based on a 6″ screen. The  Visionect kit, which reportedly costs €239, comes equipped with a 6″ E-ink screen (larger screen sizes are available) wrapped in a sturdy plastic shell. It has a capacitive touchscreen, Wifi, a g-sensor, but no frontlight. The CPU is a rather limited 120 MHz but since this is development kit and not intended to be a prototype that shouldn’t be a problem. since this is intended to be a thin client solution, acting strictly as a wireless screen attached to a remote system, that should not be a problem.


The kit works with a development platform, Visionect Server, which is designed to use standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS and Javascript) and show you what it would look like as a product running on an E-ink screen.  Visionect Server doesn’t technically convert your content, but it can take any web application, process it, and push it to the kit. This process looks seamless to the end user and gives an impression that applications are running directly on the kit itself.

So if you wanted to mock up a faux E-ink ebook reader from Apple just to mess with someone’s head, you could use this kit.

Visionect reports that they have worked are working with Slovenia Telecom to develop an e-signage product for its stores. Other partners include ImagoTag, an Austrian firm working on epaper shelf tags, and Weimar, a maker of marine equipment. The Nautipad Display (pictured above and below) is based on Visionect’s platform.

This is the first time I have heard about the Nautipad Display, which is designed to work as a wireless display for the Nautipad Server.


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Name February 3, 2014 um 5:27 pm

Interesting to see where such overpriced screens can apparently be sold.

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