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Wattpad Now Lets Authors Trick Out Their Stories With GIFs, Youtube Embeds

giphyEver looking for new ways to help writers tell stories, Wattpad has released a cover-making app, and earlier this year they added background soundtracks as an option.

And now:

With the new feature,  storytellers can insert animated .GIFs, images, Vimeo, and YouTube videos to add visual elements to their stories.  The goal of this project is to make Wattpad a home for new forms of storytelling. With the multimedia feature, the global community can create and share comics, cookbooks, travel diaries, fashion blogs, and more.

Wattpad wants to deliver the best possible experience and evolve the story so it can be used for many different types of storytelling. Over 175 million original story uploads are already shared on Wattpad, we expect to see even more stories shared as a result of today’s launch.

As someone who has seen far more badly made GIFs than cute ones, I don’t exactly find myself excited by the announcement. I know that far too many people will embed one- and two-second GIFs just because they can.

The video embeds, on the other hand, could prove useful for non-fiction writing. On the other hand, if you’re writing non-fiction for free, why not just publish it on a site so the larger internet audience can read it?

images by vancouverfilmschool, Wattpad

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